QUEZON CITY, Philippines (19 April 2024) —Today, the Court of Appeals has ruled against the commercial propagation and/or conduct of activities relating to genetically modified crops, including Bt Eggplant and so-called Golden Rice.

Reacting to this, Greenpeace Southeast Asia campaigner Wilhelmina Pelegrina said:

“This decision is a monumental win for Filipino farmers and Filipino people who have for decades stood up against genetically modified (GM) crops. 

Greenpeace commends this decision and is honored to be part of the movement that supported this work spearheaded by Filipino farmers, who will ultimately benefit the most from the decision.”

“In this decision, The Court of Appeals has essentially put a moratorium on these genetically modified crops. In doing so, the CA has upheld  the constitutional rights of Filipinos and the government’s duty to serve the interests of the people rather than that of agrochemical companies. 

“Significantly, the decision firmly upholds the Precautionary Principle and puts the burden of proof for safety on the respondents. Greenpeace has constantly noted that GM crops have been approved in the Philippines despite the lack of robust data on safety assessments submitted by proponents. GM crops have never been proven safe, and have hindered necessary progress on climate resilient ecological agriculture that keeps the control of seeds on our farmers.

“We reiterate our stance: the involved companies and agencies have yet to show concrete evidence that these crops would be in the best interest of Filipinos, our environment, and our agricultural sector.

“Given this development, the onus is on the Department of Agriculture to instead promote sustainable agricultural solutions that would prioritize nutrition, provide ample resources for our farmers, and ensure resiliency as we face the worsening impacts of the climate crisis.”


Note to editors:

[1] Greenpeace: SC decision on GM crops vindicates farmers, food movement

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Karl Orit, Communications Campaigner
Greenpeace Philippines