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Dear Donors,

This year at Greenpeace, we endeavour to kindle your hope and desire to fight for the planet. This newsletter will share with you the wins we’ve accomplished in the past year alone—from bringing together thousands of voices towards ending the age of plastics, to our campaigns to impact government policies against plastic pollution, to supporting indigenous people’s legal fights for their homes, among many other inspiring stories that YOU made possible with your generous support.

We also hope these stories can inspire you to continue championing the good fight with us and build more of these stories in the coming years. There is more to be done. Equally, there is so much more that we can do.

It will be a long battle and one that I truly believe will be worth it. I remain optimistic about the wins which will eventually build our children’s future.

Thank you for staying on with Greenpeace, and I hope you enjoy reading your story of change.

Wrikdev Sarkar
Fundraising Director
Greenpeace Southeast Asia

Inside the Newsletter

  • Our Local Wins in 2023
  • Life in Plastic Ain’t Fantastic!
  • Highlighting Localized Solutions in Addressing Disaster Risk
  • De-normalizing Climate Emergencies
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Greenpeace Highlights
  • How are we using our funds?
  • Ahoy! You’re invited to the Philippine Ship Tour 2023