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Toronto volunteers "Break Free" from Line 9

Blog entry by Cassia Pahim | May 19, 2016

Last weekend the Greenpeace Toronto Local Group of volunteers joined the Break Free campaign, as part of global wave of resistance against fossil fuels, with a local action to spotlight Line 9 pipeline. Here’s a special blog by...

Cats love tuna, just a little too much

Blog entry by Kate Simcock | May 18, 2016

Every day, all around the world, people and their pets eat tuna sourced from a Thai seafood conglomerate that has been condemned for destructive fishing methods and a connection to slave labour, including the locking of indentured...

#BreakFree2016: an unprecedented wave of people power.

Blog entry by Mike Hudema | May 16, 2016

BreakFree2016 was an unprecedented wave of people power.  Over 12 days, on 6 continents, in countries all around the world people acted. In Germany thousands shut down Europe’s largest coal plant occupying it for over 48hrs,...

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