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  • Thursday, September 7: Occupying Central Plains Water

    The day started early, or late, depending on your perspective. We met the night before in Christchurch. People had travelled from across New Zealand at a moment’s notice - one group had even driven from Dunedin. The energy was high. Everyone was here because they cared about Saving Our Rivers. We talked about the day…

    Andrew Tobert 2 min read
  • 11 things political parties should do now if they are serious about climate change

    It’s the greatest challenge of our time and also a huge opportunity. Climate change is not merely an ‘environmental’ issue. It’s an existential threat to all aspects of our society and way of life. Acting now is a moral choice we must make as a nation, in order to be part of this global challenge.…

    Kate Simcock 3 min read
  • The dairy farmer’s daughter who locked herself inside an irrigation pipe to protest dairy intensification

    I'm inside a pipe on the Canterbury Plains with Olga from Greenpeace. We each have an arm secured into a tube inside a two and a half metre irrigation pipe. We're in a ditch between the Rakaia and Waimakariri Rivers. Our pipe is one of many being laid right now across the Canterbury Plains for…

    Rosemary Penwarden 3 min read
  • 9 ways to reduce your plastic use

    We’ve all seen the headlines about the huge environmental problems caused by single-use plastics. Governments and corporations have a responsibility to take action – but what can we do to cut down our personal plastic footprints? Here’s our 9 top tips: 1. Carry a reusable bottle Carrying a reusable bottle is a great way to…

    Alice Hunter 2 min read
  • How does plastic get into the ocean?

    We know our oceans and coastlines are choking on plastic. We’ve all seen plastic bottles, food wrappers and plastic bags polluting beaches, and been horrified by the stories of marine creatures like seabirds and whales starving when their stomachs become packed full of plastic.  

    Nick Young 4 min read
  • Cabbages and kings

    Frogs will rain from the sky, a blight will cross the land, and white walkers will travel south of the wall. All this will come to pass. Oh and cabbages might cost more.

    Phil Vine 3 min read
  • With love from the Arctic

    Greenpeace kayakers have stopped an oil rig drilling in the Norwegian Arctic. I know, because I’m there right now. My name is Lizzie. I’m a web developer from New Zealand, and I’m here on the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise with people from all over the world to take action against new arctic oil drilling.

    Lizzie Sullivan 2 min read
  • Winning on the world’s largest tuna company and what it means for the oceans

    It took two years of relentless campaigning and nearly 700,000 concerned people from around the world, but today we are sharing the good news that together we convinced the world’s largest tuna company to clean up its act!

    Sarah King 3 min read
  • Battle of the parodies – Fonterra answers Greenpeace video spoof with parody of its own

    “OMG - Dairy Bosses discover climate change - 20 years too late” Hot on the heels of Greenpeace’s parody video about Pure Dairy, the industry leadership has countered with a parody of its own. The Dairy Action plan 2017-2018, released Wednesday afternoon, in which Fonterra, Dairy NZ, Piglet and Pooh discover Climate Change. It’s like…

    Phil Vine 2 min read
  • School bullying – woeful opportunism by dairy leadership

    When farming organisations start using children as human shields you know they’ve reached a new level of desperation. I think we might have arrived at despo-con3. Achieved when DairyNZ decided to employ school kids as a new line of defence against public criticism over the freshwater crisis.  “Dairy hate campaign hits farmer’s kids” trumpeted the headline…

    Phil Vine 3 min read