Plastic pollution

These is no such thing as ‘away.’ We’ve all seen the devastating images of pristine beaches covered with plastic waste, of turtles and other marine life killed by ingesting bags, bottles, and other debris.

Many of us have also read the frightening statistics about microplastics getting into the food we eat and the water we drink. And while making efforts to reduce our individual plastic footprint is important, we’re operating in a broken system, one clogged with trash, and the people controlling the machine won’t turn it off. Worse still, some of them are even looking to amp up production. The good news is that together we can fix this.

The Break Free From Plastic movement is campaigning globally to stop plastic pollution at its source – the corporations that have created it and the governments that are failing to regulate against it. If we are going to tackle the behemoth that is plastic pollution, at the speed we need to, we’ve got to go right to the root. And that means getting big corporations to take responsibility for their rubbish, and telling global governments to put the rules in place to protect our planet.