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  • Vanessa’s blog: seismic events at sea

    First Contact We headed out of Whangaparoa at Cape Runaway under a gloomy sky at sunset on Sunday. The wind was building and as were our nerves as the next…

    Vanessa Atkinson 4 min read
  • Jef Ikeen blog

    Jef’s Blog: Toward Whangaparāoa

    Jef Ikenn is a crew member of the Stop Deep Sea Oil flotilla crew, which represents a coalition of groups that are opposed to the plans to drill for deep…

    Jef Ikenn 2 min read
  • Fighting spirit at Flotilla send off

    Copyright Greenpeace/Malcolm Pullman In speech and in song their rejection of Government approvals to allow oil exploration in their traditional water off East Cape was clear. It sent goosebumps. “This…

    Dean Baigent-Mercer 1 min read
  • Oily people point to a dirty reality

    The pictures coming from the Gulf of Mexico are horrible; birds covered in oil, enormous plumes of crude lying just below the surface; thousands of barrels worth of oil gushing…

    Jay Harkness 1 min read
  • Remember the Rainbow Warrior and the Marshall Islands

    Today is the 25th anniversary of the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior by the French secret service in Auckland’s Marsden Wharf. It is the day we remember our colleague Fernando Pereira who was killed in the attack. He was just 35.

    Nick Young 2 min read
  • PETITION: Sign the deep water oil drilling in NZ waters

    Imagine if the BP Deepwater Horizon oil disaster happened in NZ waters.

    nick 1 min read
  • Brownlee and oil – relics of a dying age

    In the film Amazing Grace  set in the 19th century there is a scene where the British Parliament is debating the end of slavery. Members of that Parliament argue that the end of slavery would have massive economic impacts that would harm Britain and therefore, as unpleasant as it is, slavery must continue.

    Simon Boxer 3 min read