Greenpeace Aotearoa has sent Coca-Cola an early Christmas gift by brand jamming the plastic polluter’s products in Auckland. 

Volunteers concerned about plastic pollution headed back to the supermarkets once again and planted hangers on Coke bottles to call out Coke as the world’s biggest contributor to the problem. 

They’ve joined the Greenpeace Aotearoa call on the Government to ban single-use plastic bottles and mandate refill and reuse solutions. 

Greenpeace Aotearoa plastics campaigner Juressa Lee says, “Coca-Cola was announced this year as the world’s worst plastic polluter for the fifth consecutive year.  

Lee added that during the summer months when families are spending time at the beach or the park, Coca-Cola intensifies its greenwashing because people are increasingly unwilling to allow the endless plastic production and pollution to continue.

“Coca-Cola’s big marketing machine intends to mystify the public about the pollution it creates and give the illusion that Coke is somehow synonymous with summer days and holidays.”

“Coca-cola floods the media and social media with greenwash that consuming their products will make summer more enjoyable but the  reality is, they are making it worse. Our oceans, waterways, green spaces and wildlife are all suffering from plastic pollution.”

Lee says the hangers put over Coca-Cola products tell the truth of how pervasive plastic is and how Coke is the worst culprit as well as calling for the Government to ban single-use plastic bottles.

The action comes days after research revealed 74 metric tonnes of airborne microplastics are dispersed onto Auckland every year. 

Lee says “This has been estimated to be equivalent to 3 million bottles raining down on Tāmaki Makaurau. In Aotearoa, approximately 1 billion plastic bottles are being produced and sold every year, and we are truly now seeing how pervasive plastics and microplastics are in our environment.”

Greenpeace Aotearoa’s call for a ban on single-use plastic bottles has been signed by over 100,000 people, indicating the public’s desire to see urgent change become action. 

“It’s time for Coca-Cola to change and return to refill and reuse systems. We need real solutions now, it’s what the people demand.”

PETITION: Ban Single-use Plastic Bottles

Call on the NZ Government to ban unnecessary single-use plastic bottles* in NZ, and to incentivise reusable and refillable alternatives.

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