Seize the SunThis discussion paper explores New Zealand’s current energy climate, the problems with our power sector, and the steps the Labour-led coalition needs to take over the next two years to secure a clean, modern, and affordable energy system for New Zealanders.

Seize the Sun shows how we can:

  • Have 100% renewable electricity by 2030. • Electrify 85% of our transport using clean power sources by 2050.
  • Insulate New Zealand’s 600,000 cold homes.
  • Replace coal and gas used in industrial processes with clean electricity3 or biomass4 by 2050.
  • Create thousands of jobs, both in urban areas and the region
  • Reduce climate pollution across the whole energy system and play our role as a responsible international player within the Paris Climate Agreement.
  • Cut our dependence on expensive imported oil, which currently costs $5.7 billion a year

Download the Seize the Sun report (PDF)

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