A Clean Energy Revolution

Clean energy is the future. Renewable energy is cheap, sustainable, and already making our planet more green and peaceful. It disrupts corporate energy systems and it’s better for our health and for our planet. We know the future we want, and renewables are how we get there. Together we must push global government’s away from the fossil fuels and get them to invest in solar, wind, and beyond. It’s not going to be an easy task, but it’s one we must undertake if we’re to save our climate for generations to come.


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I call on Energy Minister Megan Woods to put solar panels and batteries on 500k homes by 2030 and end oil & gas subsidies.

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The Coronavirus response has shown that we can make big changes quickly. And unprecedented Government spending in the recovery provides us with a unique opportunity to build back better.

Jacinda Ardern’s Government has led the world in responding to Covid-19. Now we have the opportunity to lead the world with our economic recovery.

Over the coming months, the Government will decide how to spend another $ 20 billion of public money on the Covid-19 recovery.

Join our call on the Government to solarise New Zealand and power our homes, transport and businesses with clean solar energy.

By installing solar panels and batteries on half a million homes over the next ten years, we can really start to meet the challenge of the climate emergency, increase the resilience of our power grid, and give affordable power back to the people.

It’s an ambitious plan, but we can do it. We can power our homes, transport and economy with clean energy and end our reliance on dirty fossil fuels.

Read our Solarise NZ Policy in full here.