Introducing the excellent SystemShift podcast from Greenpeace Nordic. 

Do you ever wonder why the current economic system serves the 1% best? Why do governments continue to follow the current economic policies that are exploiting people and nature?

The SystemShift series is a podcast that talks to people who have been thinking about these questions too, and possible answers. Each episode is a deep dive into the root causes of the economic dysfunction we’re experiencing and explores how we can create a sustainable, thriving economy. An economy that respects the Earth’s capacity to support humankind while putting nature at the centre.

Over the last few weeks Greenpeace campaigner and former Swedish politician Carl Schlyter has been talking with economists, researchers and innovators from around the world. These are people who offer their solutions for an economy that is equitable and serves the interests of us all, not just the wealthiest few.

SystemShift deflates the myth of eternal economic growth, which has such a devastating impact on the natural world. Speakers explore ideas around how to turn around growing social inequality; valuing the care economy; four day working weeks; taxing wealth tax; and reining in the financial markets.

This podcast is a must-listen for anyone interested in the urgent need to transition to a sustainable economic system that serves the interests of us all.

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