Autumn is ending, winter is coming, and the Global Day of Action season is starting!

Just a few weeks before governments meet again in Jamaica to decide whether to allow deep sea mining or not, concerned citizens alongside Greenpeace volunteers will say no to this highly destructive industry. On Saturday June 3, we will take action to call on our governments to stop deep sea mining before it starts. You can be part of this ! Check the events on the map below (click on the icon to get the info about time and location).

What if we could go back in time and stop offshore drilling at the dawn of the oil age? We could prevent the ongoing climate crisis, as well as countless oil spills and leaks. Today, we have a once in a generation opportunity: to stop another extractive industry, deep sea mining, from damaging the global oceans the way the fossil fuel companies have done to the climate.

As you probably heard, despite the growing pressure and the global mobilization, governments haven’t yet reached an agreement to protect the oceans from deep sea mining. The door has been left open for the industry to start plundering the seabed this year. It is unacceptable.  

We want to stop this industry now, so that it never starts – protecting the largest ecosystem on the planet, facing down one of the latest forms of neocolonialism, and challenging a greedy industry trying to legitimize its activity through greenwash. Destroying the oceans is never a good way to save the planet.

If we don’t act now, the wondrous deep sea species we’re only beginning to understand could be lost forever; carbon sinks and storage could be disturbed; and Pacific people’s way of life could be seriously impacted because they have an intrinsic connection to the ocean, spiritual and cultural. So join an event if you can to make the wave of mobilization even bigger, and/or watch and share this video with your friends.

World Oceans Day (June 8) is also approaching. It is a good time to take a stand for marine ecosystems ! We just won a historic Global Ocean Treaty, so let’s use this momentum going into deep sea mining negotiations to push more governments to come out against deep sea mining and hold world leaders accountable to deliver ocean protection.

PETITION: Stop deep sea mining

It’s time for New Zealand to take a stand. Join our call on the New Zealand government to back a global moratorium on seabed mining.

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