Aotearoa is at a pivotal moment in the response to the climate crisis. We need action on climate polluters now. The outsized impacts of big dairy – New Zealand’s worst climate polluter, are putting extreme pressure on the climate and environment. We can see the effects of climate change in the devastating storms that have hit the North Island several times this year, and the record droughts in Southland. 

The actions we take in this decade will decide whether and how we have ecological, social and economic wellbeing for all.

During Organics Week (May 2023) the Greenpeace crew hosted a conversation on the outsized impacts of big dairy on  the climate and environment. Over 80 people joined the discussion on the urgency of the climate and biodiversity crises, why we’re hopeful for the future of food, and what we can all do to help bring about the transformation of agriculture.

Aotearoa can transform our food sector and move towards an ecological farming future where the environment and people thrive. 

Watch the recording, and check out the action suggestions below.

Guest speakers:

  • Christine Rose: Lead climate campaigner, Greenpeace
  • Pere Huriwai-Seger (Ngāpuhi, Ngati Porou and Te Āti Awa): Aotearoa Liberation League, co-producer of the award winning documentary MILKED
  • Shane Ward: agroecologist, regenerative land use advisor and designer, communicator and the founder of Action Ecology

Actions you can take now:

  • Engage more deeply about the source of our food. Support food producers who are protecting the soil, water and climate, and encouraging biodiversity.
  • Go watch MILKED!
  • Talk to a friend about these issues and raise our voices wherever possible about our industrial food system.
  • Sign the petition to cut climate pollution from big dairy
  • This election – message your elected representatives and local candidates about the climate crisis and why you’re concerned about the dairy industry