Greenpeace reaction to Tim Hortons and Loop partnership on reusable container pilot program 

TORONTO – Today, Tim Hortons, announced that it will partner with Loop to pilot a deposit-return reusable cup and packaging program in some locations across Toronto. The pilot is set to begin in 2021. Burger King, also owned by Restaurant Brands International Inc., will pilot similar programs outside of Canada.

In response to the news, Greenpeace Canada’s Head of Oceans and Plastics Campaign Sarah King said: 

“We are encouraged to see Tim Hortons pilot this kind of company-driven reuse-refill program, that includes both cups and containers. As the plastic waste and pollution crisis worsens in Canada every day, we need sector and municipality-wide transitions away from all disposables toward reusables. As a sector leader with restaurants across Canada, we hope to see a firm commitment to scale this pilot as soon as possible, phasing out all throwaway options.”

This transition comes at a time when the federal government had omitted a number of disposable items from its proposed ban, including disposable cups and lids, which are some of the most common types of plastic waste found in the environment across Canada. This announcement by Tim Hortons follows many months of various coffee chains such as Starbucks no allowing customers to bring reusable cups to their restaurants. 

“As one of Canada’s top ranked plastic polluters based on cleanups and brand audits, this type of initiative will only be impactful if single-use plastic cups, lids, containers and other items are phased out alongside the introduction of reusable alternatives. Thousands of Canadians have been calling on the company to offer real solutions to its plastic problem, and Greenpeace hopes the company will act swiftly to transition its business model. Tim Hortons must not only incentivize customers to participate but also conduct trials at restaurants only offering reusable cups and containers to begin to create an accessible reuse-refill culture to expand.”


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