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Over the last year, Greenpeace supporters have been part of a movement demanding a green and just recovery from the pandemic. Together, we told the Trudeau government that building back better means building back fossil-free. 

On Monday April 19th, Trudeau released a budget that showed you have been heard. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but here are some of the things that likely wouldn’t have been in the budget without pressure from people like you

  • There is over $30 billion for new climate action, but many of the key details are still to-be-determined. We hope our supporters will continue to help us hold their feet to the fire so they make the right decisions so we truly do build back fossil-free.  
  • This is the first budget to recognize that protecting biodiversity is also a key climate protection strategy. 
  • The support for affordable childcare and Indigenous communities are important for addressing systemic racism, sexism and inequality. We were, however, disappointed in the lack of progress on a wealth tax and pharmacare.

While still far short of where we need to be, this level of investment in a fairer and greener world was unimaginable one year ago.

1.Safeguard the environment

What was in the budgetWhat needs to happen next
Strategy to decarbonize the economy by 2040$17.6 billion over 5 years dedicated to “a green recovery to create jobs, build a clean economy, and fight and protect against climate change.” This is in addition to the $15 billion announced as part of the December 2020 climate plan.There’s a lot of money (over $6 billion) to subsidize clean technology – we need to make sure this supports good jobs building zero-carbon infrastructure and services, not prop up oil company profits and practices.
Plans to protect 30% of lands, oceans and freshwaters by 2030.The federal government has finally recognized that protecting biodiversity also protects our climate. Over $3.3 billion to expand protection of Canada’s natural environment – including our forests, prairies, oceans and rivers. 200 million for natural infrastructure, including green spaces in urban areas.Work with Indigenous Peoples and their knowledge holders to advance reconciliations and de-colonisation through conservation, including a focus on Indigenous Protected and conserved Areas (IPCAs). Ensure that local communities benefit from nature jobs in growing, maintaining and monitoring Canada’s new protected areas over the long term. 
Clear and detailed plan for achieving new nature and biodiversity targets, including transparent annual progress reporting. 
More details here.
Expand electric transit, cycling and walking infrastructure.$15 billion (previously announced) for transit, including electric buses. 
$200 million for urban green spaces that could provide access to nature and corridors for biking and walking.
The federal government must work directly with cities to make sure green infrastructure supports walking and cycling.
Help transition automakers to electric vehicles by 2030.Not much new money for electrification of transportation, but $94 million for development of new regulations should support tougher vehicle standards.
$56 million for standardization of charging stations.
Implement an aggressive Zero Emissions Vehicle standard that phases out the production and sale of new internal combustion engines by 2035.
Jobs in energy efficiency and low-carbon housing for vulnerable communities.The $4.4 billion energy retrofit program will have a dedicated stream of funding to support low-income homeowners and rental properties serving low-income renters including cooperatives and not-for-profit owned housing, but it isn’t clear how large that program will be.We need a more comprehensive approach to energy efficiency retrofits, but it is good to see the specific needs of low-income households are to be incorporated in the current program.
Jobs in community-based farming and ecological agriculture.$200 million over 2 years for on-farm climate solutions. $140 million to top up the Emergency Food Security Fund and Local Food Infrastructure Fund. $163.4 million over 3 years to expand the Nutrition North Canada program. No mention of a national school food programme.Ensure the funding supports small and medium farmers , rather than industrial agriculture. Supporting Indigenous food sovereignty and BIPOC-led food initiatives as a priority focus.
Take steps to build a circular economy by supporting zero-waste innovation and implementing the ban on single-use plastics.No significant progress on building a circular economy. 
$10 million new program to address plastic waste in oceans from abandoned fishing gear.
Continue to advocate and organize.

2. Transform social safety nets

What was in the budgetWhat needs to happen next
Living wage and universal basic income.$15 federal minimum wage, but no progress on UBI.Continue to advocate and organize.
National childcare program.Up to $30 billion for affordable childcare (but requires provinces to be onboard). This is a wonderful development. We need to ensure the provinces participate and that the program is truly affordable.
National pharmacare program. A major disappointment, as there is no progress on this long-promised program.Continue to advocate and organize.
National sick leave.Nothing new.Continue to advocate and organize.
Safe employment conditions for care workers.$90 million over 3 years for an “Age Well at Home” program to assist community-based organizations in providing  support for low-income and otherwise vulnerable seniors. Continue to advocate and organize.

3. Justice for women, Indigenous Peoples and racialized communities

What was in the budgetWhat needs to happen next
Address the “she-cession” and ensure equal pay and safe employment conditions for all women. The extension of covid-19 benefits and the promise of affordable child care will help address the “she-cession.”

$600 million boost over 5 years for the National Action Plan to End Gender-Based Violence announced earlier this year. 
Work with the new Task Force on Women in the Economy announced last month to fulfill the budget’s promise of an “inclusive, sustainable, feminist, and resilient economy that values women’s work.” 
Respect Indigenous rights, act on reconciliation, ensure justice for MMIW and guarantee clean water and good housing. $18 billion over 5 years to address inequalities Indigenous people continue to face in Canada and advance reconciliation. This includes an additional $2.2 billion over five years to address the roots of the tragedy of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.Work with Indigenous Peoples to legislate for the full domestic implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, including the right to free, prior and informed consent (FPIC) and recognising a diversity of Indigenous perspectives.

Finally make ending the First Nations’ water crisis an immediate priority with clear timelines.
Defund the RCMP and invest in mental health for racialized people. Funding to RCMP was increased ($75 million over five years) to take action into combating systemic racism.More money for training has not changed this system. Greenpeace  supports the Movement for Black Lives policy platform, which includes a future without jails, detention centers, youth facilities and prisons. 
Citizenship and fair employment conditions for migrant workers.Budget included $54 million to fund COVID-19 isolation programs for migrant workers, as well as $61 million for increased workplace inspections and support to assist workers being abused.
It wasn’t in the budget, but the federal government recently announced an accelerated pathway to citizenship for select migrant workers, excluding the unemployed and undocumented.
Full and permanent immigration status for all.

4. Finance a green and just recovery

What was in the budgetWhat needs to happen next
Implement a wealth tax. There were new taxes on some luxury goods, but no wealth tax.  Continue to advocate and organize.
Ban the use of tax havens.  No progress. Continue to advocate and organize.
End fossil fuel subsidies. There is the possibility of new subsidies, depending on how the Net Zero Accelerator and carbon capture and storage programs are designed.Keep pressure on to ensure that support is given for create good jobs providing true climate solutions — not for more subsidies to oil and gas companies. 
Organize and participate in the 90-day consultation on the still-undefined carbon capture program. We won a small victory in its rejection of enhanced oil recovery, but we have much more to accomplish.
Cancel construction of the TMX pipeline. No progress. Continue to advocate and organize.
Make big polluters pay their fair share to stop climate change.No progress.Continue to advocate and organize.