For over a decade, one of the largest logging companies in Canada, Resolute Forest Products, has been attempting to sue Greenpeace Canada into silence while clearcutting vast swathes of forest, destroying critical wildlife habitat and rejecting calls to clean up its act.

Now, Resolute has been gobbled up by an even bigger forest destroyer to create the biggest logging company we have ever seen in Canada – Paper Excellence.

In the middle of a nature crisis, a corporate giant is taking over our forests while operating in the shadows. Paper Excellence has recently become the largest logging company in Canada, now managing 22 million hectares of forest land across the country — that’s nearly twice the size of the island of Newfoundland. And there’s more to this corporate actor than meets the eye. Hidden behind a shroud of secrecy, Paper Excellence has ties to a global conglomerate known for destroying forests worldwide and conflicts with Indigenous communities: Asia Pulp & Paper (APP). Now, it’s quickly taking over our forests.

Dive into the timeline of Resolute’s lawsuits, Paper Excellence’s forest takeover and its ongoing efforts to sue Greenpeace Canada into silence.

The timeline below is interactive, and you can find the sources by clicking on the events.


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