Strasbourg/Brussels, 12 July 2023 – The European Parliament has voted in favour of legally binding targets to restore degraded natural areas in the EU. The nature restoration law – the first major piece of legislation to protect biodiversity in the EU in the last 30 years – withstood strong opposition from conservative and right-wing members of parliament, backed by industrial farming lobbyists.

Greenpeace Central and Eastern Europe Biodiversity Project Manager Špela Bandelj said: “European nature is in a dire state, but this vote shows that there is still hope to restore and grow what’s left. As another unprecedented heatwave grips Europe, it’s clear that to survive climate breakdown and ensure food supplies we’ll need nature on our side. So far governments and the EU have failed to act. The nature restoration law is a clear benchmark to judge them on their actions on the ground.”

The nature restoration law will become one of the two key pillars of the EU’s 2030 Biodiversity Strategy – nature protection and restoration – and the first-ever legislation explicitly aimed at restoring Europe’s nature.

The final text of the law will be agreed following negotiations between representatives of the European Parliament, national governments and the European Commission. Greenpeace will continue to push governments to ensure the final law is further strengthened.

In 2021, the European Environment Agency found that 81% of the EU’s ecosystems are in either a “poor” or “bad” condition.


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