Which carmaker is doing the worst
to save our climate?

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*ICE: Internal Combustion Engines, i.e. fossil fuel vehicles, including hybrids.

The results are based on a Greenpeace East Asia report: Auto Environmental Guide 2021, published on 1 November 2021. Overall grades also reflect extra deductions on evidence of negative climate lobbying and serious violation of CO2 emission-related regulations.

Find out how we evaluated the carmakers.

Find out how we evaluated the carmakers.

Phase out fossil fuel vehicles (ICE vehicles), including hybrids.

For an average car, 80% of its life cycle greenhouse gas emissions are produced when it’s driven.5

Supply chain decarbonization

The other 20% of a car’s life cycle emissions are released when it’s manufactured, especially during steel production.4

Sustainable use of resources

Carmakers must reduce resource consumption, reuse batteries, and recover metals to minimise environmental impact.

The top automakers should:

1 IEA: Global EV outlook.
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3 Toyota opposed stricter car emissions standards or fought electric vehicle mandates in markets including the Australia, EU, US, and UK.
4 IEA: Comparative life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions of a mid-size BEV and ICE vehicle.
5 According to WRI’s State of Climate Action 2021 report, in order to be aligned with the Paris Agreement’s 1.5°C temperature goal, the share of BEVs and FCEVs in global car sales would need to reach 75% by 2025, and in leading markets would need to hit 100% by 2030.
6 Greenpeace East Asia: Auto Environmental Guide 2021, A comparative analysis of global automakers’ decarbonisation: recent actions and future plans.