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We want to change the way we humans relate to nature and to each other. We’ll dismantle the broken systems and global power structures that have failed us.

"Planet Earth First" Hot Air Balloon Drifts over HamburgGreenpeace Heissluftballon mit Botschaft: Planet Earth First © Daniel Müller / Greenpeace

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Energy Community "Saerbeck" in North Rhine-Westfalia © Bente Stachowske / Greenpeace

Climate & Energy

We challenge the power of fossil fuel corporations, bolster support for renewable and citizen-powered energy and seek to hold big polluters to account.

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Focusing on great global forests and oceans we aim to preserve, protect and restore the most valuable ecosystems for the climate and for biodiversity.

Sunrise Over Reef in Komodo National Park © Paul Hilton / Greenpeace

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Climate March at COP24 in Poland.

Social & Economic

We want to tear apart the way corporations and governments collude to make a profit at the expense of both people and planet.

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