Podcasts and Web Series

Greenpeace organisations from around the world are telling their stories and hearing from other voices throughout the movement. Listen to them talk first-hand about how they are taking action in their region. Get ready to get inspired!

Heaps Better: A Greenpeace Podcast. © Ash Berdebes
Wildlife filmmaker, zoologist and TV personality Hannah Stitfall takes you to the world beneath the waves. She’s meeting freedivers, submarine pilots, whale experts, ship captains, marine biologists, and more, hearing the most mind-boggling stories about the oceans and the astonishing creatures that call them home. The hypnotic sound design and immersive storytelling will take you right there – from the Lost City to Galapagos, from the Mariana Trench to the Antarctic. Brought to you by Crowd Network and Greenpeace UK. Available wherever you get your podcasts. All episodes on Greenpeace International
SystemShift explores how we can create a sustainable, thriving economy that respects the Earth’s capacity to support humankind while putting people and nature at the centre, and provides alternatives to the current failing economic and financial systems that are driving the exploitation of people and planet. All episodes on Greenpeace International
Greenpeace Korea shares environmental stories from the economic, social, and political point of view every Friday at midnight on ‘G-Style’.
Verhit is een hoopvolle podcast vol met slimme, inspirerende verhalen over de puinhoop waar we in zitten en hoe we onszelf eruit kunnen krijgen van Greenpeace Nederland.
As Árvores Somos Nozes é um podcast do Greenpeace Brasil sobre meio ambiente, onde discutimos ameaças às florestas e fazemos conexões entre a agenda socioambiental e o nosso dia a dia.

Fire Drill Fridays brings together frontline activists, youth, Indigenous leaders, climate experts, celebrities, and lovers of the planet to demand our elected leaders act on the climate emergency.

Greenpeace Česká Republika’s Akademie Greenpeace is a weekly webinar with independent experts in various fields.

What We Need Now · Disability Justice

What We Need Now is a podcast from Greenpeace USA where people who are on the front lines of sacrifice, environmental disaster, and marginalization share their experiences and truths.

From the archives

Greenpeace Philippines’ official podcast covers hot takes on hot issues in a very hot planet.
Why We Organize by Roots shares powerful and moving stories of people fighting for justice in their communities and organizing to drive the change they want to see.
El equipo de Voluntarios de Greenpeace México presenta La Voz del Quetzal, un espacio donde podrás conocer más sobre la organización y su lucha desde la experiencia del voluntariado.
Sonido Ambiente, es el podcast de Greenpeace Andino en el que buscamos entender cómo asumir un consumo responsable a través de distintas temáticas: plásticos, alimentación, basura electrónica, movilidad, fast fashion y beauty. 
Denne podcasten fra Greenpeace Norge er et forsøk på å gå dypere inn i problemene for å finne løsninger. Kode grønn serverer deg gripende fortellinger om natur og klima, krydret med analyser av dagsaktuell klimapolitikk, slik at du lettere kan navigere den norske klimadebatten.

Planeta G is a bi-weekly web series about the intersection between the environmental movement and our Latinx identity brought to you by Greenpeace USA.

Greenpeace International · Mass Action Podcast #5 – Brianna & Rico (USA)

Monthly podcast with Pim and Marleen from Greenpeace Netherlands speaking to activists around the globe on how and why they take action for our planet.

This Greenpeace Australia podcast is an entertaining and systems-change grounded take on how we can turn climate anxiety into meaningful action.
From Greenpeace International, this is the telling of an unprecedented legal battle for our planet’s future. 

Greenpeace UK and Global Oceans Team present Ocean Witness, a multi-part documentary series all about the ocean.

Greenpeace Unearthed · David Attenborough in conversation with Unearthed

From Greenpeace UK, Unearthed editor Damian Kahya sat down with the world’s greatest environmental broadcaster to talk politics, climate change and how to tell stories about the natural world.

Canada Podcast

Sound-rich environmental stories from Greenpeace Canada that traverse borders and cultures. Listen