Our present is struggling.

Our future needs alternatives.

A fair, green and peaceful world is possible but we have to work together to build it. Change is happening – alternatives already exist. We can champion forms of development that put people and the planet before profit.

Global Climate Strike in Cologne. © Anne Barth / Greenpeace

The Problem

The impacts of the climate crisis are being felt around the world. Extreme weather events, food shortages due to crop failures and forced displacement are causing many communities to struggle for survival. 

It is clear that the current economic system we live in does not serve our planet, nor the people that live on it. The never-ending race towards more economic growth, more profits, and more consumption is silencing alternative approaches, creating a crisis of imagination, and ultimately leading us towards collapse. To tackle the climate emergency we must also address the inequalities and injustices created by neocolonialism and capitalism.

Ninth Fire Drill Friday in Washington DC. © Tim Aubry / Greenpeace
Ecological Farmer with His Family in Kenya. © Peter Caton / Greenpeace

What we do

There is a better way for us all to live. Many societies and communities around the world are already creating an alternative future and building the path towards a fairer, greener and more peaceful future. 

The Alternative Futures campaign challenges the idea that there is only one economic model that all countries must follow. This campaign aims to amplify conversations and knowledge from communities and individuals around the globe. By sharing experiences and learnings from societies who are already practising and implementing these alternative solutions we can work together to build a vision where people and the planet come before profit and infinite growth.

Curious to see existing alternatives? Do you have an example to share with the community?

Join our community committed to sharing and learning. Explore our Global Map of Alternatives, showcasing societies prioritizing well-being over profit worldwide. Share your story today and let’s grow the alternatives together!

Growing the Alternatives Live Event – Highlights

#AlternativesFutures are not only possible, but very real! We confirmed this at our recent live event, joined by more than 160 people from all over the world. Representatives from Cecosesola (Venezuela) and the Feminist Macroeconomics Alliance (Malawi) shared their own experiences building successful and real societies that are putting #wellbeing above profit and infinite growth. Guided by Mónica Fonseca as our great host, we had a space to imagine and demand alternative futures for all. Watch the full webinar.

Better understand the issues

Global Climate Strike in New York. © Stephanie Keith / Greenpeace

Alternative Socio Economic Models

This living document aims to illustrate the principles of a way of living that were aligned with Greenpeace’s values and global programme, while proposing potential pathways for change that could transform the economy and save jobs, prevent climate change, biodiversity loss, fight inequity and ensure wellbeing.