Our blue planet is under threat. From climate change and plastics, to mining and overfishing – the threats facing our oceans are growing bigger and…

Protect the Oceans

At the start of 2020 Greenpeace was down in the Antarctic on the final leg of the Pole to Pole voyage. The year-long mission was to document and study the threats facing the oceans, and demonstrate the urgent need for a Global Ocean Treaty to protect them for the future.

At the southernmost tip of our planet, leading scientists conducted research into penguin populations, whale migrations, plankton levels and more, all to help grow our understanding of this remote wilderness.

The mini documentary The Edge of the World tells the story of what they found. Immerse yourself in the frozen wonder of the Antarctic. And if you haven’t already, sign the petition to help us protect places like this by putting a third of the world’s oceans into sanctuaries, free from human interference.

Still needing an ocean escape? Check out these ten beautiful images of the oceans, captured by Greenpeace photographers on the Pole to Pole mission.

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