Things You Can Do

#Climate #Food #Plastic #Pollution Flex mo city mo!

Shine the spotlight on the solutions & best practices for better cities!

#Climate Declare a climate emergency

Tell President Duterte to acknowledge the urgent situation we are facing by declaring a climate emergency.

#Climate #Justice Demand climate justice

Filipinos are enduring the worst impacts of climate change, caused by greedy corporations. It’s time to hold them to account!

#Volunteer Volunteer with us

One of the greatest things you can give for the planet is your time.

#AboutUs Donate

Any kind of continued support, no matter how much, is a big help in protecting the planet we love.

#Plastic Break free from plastic

Our coastlines are among the most impacted by plastic pollution in the world. Be part of the solutions!

#Food Reconnect with food

It’s time for an eco-food revolution.

#Climate #Energy Support clean energy

Renewable energy is the key to our country’s energy independence. But coal companies and politicians are holding us back.

#Jobs Jobs

Do you have a passion for this planet and want to do more? Work with us!

#Oceans Protect our oceans

The ocean is under attack from all sides and it needs our help to protect it!

#Plastic #Pollution Ban foreign waste

Let’s tell the world that we are not a garbage dump!



Decarbonizing Meralco

April 2021

To be part of the solution to the climate crisis, power companies must urgently shift to renewable energy.

Toxic Air: The Price of Fossil Fuels

February 2020

A groundbreaking report from Greenpeace Southeast Asia and the Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA) about the global cost of air pollution from fossil fuels.

Coal: A Public Health Crisis

February 2016

Coal is a major public health hazard. Each stage of the coal life cycle – mining, transportation, washing, combustion, and disposing of post-combustion wastes – carries health risks that lead…

True Cost of Coal in the Philippines (Volume 2)

July 2014

Given the economic, social and environmental havoc that climate change has wrought in the Philippines, embracing coal is a dangerous policy. Short term benefits of coal to some elite players…

True Cost of Coal in the Philippines

May 2014

Coal burning has existed for centuries. It powered the Industrial Revolution, changing the course of the world. At present it provides 29.9% of global primary energy needs and generates 41%…

Energy [R]evolution: A Sustainable ASEAN Energy Outlook

September 2013

Southeast Asia needs energy – sustainable, clean energy! Renewable energy is the solution to the region’s energy needs and it is undeniable that the potential for the 10-member countries of…

Green is gold: how renewable energy can save us money and generate jobs

January 2013

Green can bring us gold: renewable energy can bring jobs, cost savings, and money to the Philippines. However, in the Philippines, ordinary citizens, business people, government workers, and even the…