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Protect our oceans

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A wave of support to save our oceans

by Arifsyah Nasution

A blue planet Life on earth would not exist without the vast blue waters that cover more than 70% of the planet. The oceans provide us the oxygen we breathe,…


Seabound: The Journey to Modern Slavery on the High Seas

December 2019

ASEAN member States need to take concrete policy actions to address the labour and environmental issues and ensure that modern slavery at sea becomes a thing of the past.

Tuna Cannery Ranking

November 2015

Greenpeace Southeast Asia believes that consumers have a right to know where and how their tuna was caught. Modern consumers who are aware of their impact on the planet want…

Roadmap to Recovery of Philippine Oceans

May 2014

The Roadmap to Recovery for the Philippine Oceans is an urgent proposal to reverse the deteriorating condition of the country’s marine resources – the need to safeguard the health of…