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Marching for Peace and the Climate

Blog entry by miwilson | November 24, 2015

The Global Climate March is just around the corner and here at Greenpeace, we’re gearing up for what could be the largest climate rally in history with over 2,000 events planned worldwide. We're working with a diverse coalition of...

“Ambitious, effective and achievable”? Assessing Alberta’s new Climate Change Strategy

Blog entry by Emilia Kennedy | November 24, 2015

On Sunday, the Alberta government announced a historic new climate change strategy. When the Notley government was first elected in May 2015, it promised to develop a new strategy that was  “ambitious, effective and achievable,” in the...

Another Historic Day in the Battle To Stop the Tarsands

Blog entry by Mike Hudema | November 22, 2015

Today people slowed the beast again but this time we did it at the source. After a string of pipeline victories and over a decade of campaigning on at least three different continents, the Alberta government has finally put a limit...

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