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What does a credible Alberta Climate Change Strategy look like?

Blog entry by Emilia Kennedy | November 20, 2015

In the coming days Alberta is getting a new climate change strategy. And its getting one just in time - at the end of this month, world leaders will meet in Paris to try to come up with a global plan to address the growing crisis. With...

Voices of the Great Bear Rainforest

Blog entry by Eduardo Sousa | November 20, 2015

Well into the 1990s the Great Bear Rainforest was largely open to industrial logging. A tug of war began between logging and non-logging visions for the region. While many feared the loss of ancient trees and endangered species and...

#ABClimateDays - It’s Action Time

Blog entry by Emilia Kennedy | November 16, 2015

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley and her government have promised to release an “ambitious, effective and achievable” set of climate policies in time for the UN Climate negotiations in Paris, and their deadline is fast approaching...

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