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THE NUCLEAR LIABILITY AND COMPENSATION ACT: Is it Appropriate for the 21st Century?

Publication | November 15, 2009 at 17:00

A bill has been introduced into Canada’s parliament to create the Nuclear Liability and Compensation Act (NLCA), which would replace the existing Nuclear Liability Act. Both Acts pertain to civil liability for damage arising from an incident at a...

New baby orca off BC !

Blog entry by Sarah King | November 13, 2009 2 comments

Great news comes today of a new addition to the endangered southern resident orcas bringing the population number to 87. See full story reported by canwest below... New orca baby off B.C. coast Canwest News Service Thu Nov 12...

ICCAT meeting update 3: Game on for bluefin

Blog entry by Sarah King | November 12, 2009

From the ICCAT meeting Willie reports......... So, here in Brazil, the game is on. At the end of yesterday’s session the parties around the table at the ICCAT meeting were asked what their priorities were for conserving bluefin tuna...

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