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Prince Charles says GE crops the biggest environmental disaster ever

Blog entry by Josh Brandon | August 14, 2008 8 comments

If only it were the nineteenth century, instead of the twenty-first.  Back then, what the British Royals thought and said about global agricultural issues really mattered.  Unfortunately, at that time the Empire's agriculture policies...

Americans arrested protesting destructive logging in Ontario’s Boreal Forest...

Feature story | August 13, 2008 at 17:00

Greenpeace activists are now barricading themselves to the entrance of Kimberly-Clark’s office in Knoxville, Tennessee to protest the company’s destruction of Ontario’s Boreal Forest.

AREVA Ignores Safety Procedures

Blog entry by Shawn Patrick Stensil | August 13, 2008 1 comment

Documents acquired by Greenpeace show that AREVA, which hopes to sell a reactor to Ontario, has failed to respect basic safety procedures during the construction of its prototype European Pressurised Reactor (EPR) at the Olkiluoto site...

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