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Volunteers Step Up to the Gate at Kimberly-Clark Facility

Blog entry by Natalie | June 24, 2008 1 comment

On June 9, 2008 Greenpeace volunteers delivered a clear message to Kimberly-Clark, makers of Kleenex tissues: "Kleenex must stop wiping away ancient forests."  Three Greenpeace USA volunteers dragged chains, locks, and banners to the...

Clean Energy Potential Left Untapped

Blog entry by Shawn Patrick Stensil | June 23, 2008

Last week the Canadian nuclear industry made a series of much-reported announcements on the possibility of building new reactors in Ontario and Saskatchewan. The nuclear industry’s public relations campaigns, unfortunately, often...

"Qualified support" for Liberal carbon tax

Feature story | June 19, 2008 at 17:00

Greenpeace has issued a statement offering qualified support for the carbon tax plan that Liberal leader Stéphane Dion has released. We welcomed the release of the Liberal carbon tax plan as a useful step towards reducing Canada’s greenhouse...

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