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Masset to Duu Guusd, Haida Gwaii, Canada

Image | January 1, 1996 at 10:22

Masset to Duu Guusd, Haida Gwaii, Canada

Clearcutting on Vacouver Island

Image | September 16, 1993 at 10:10

Clearcutting of Canada's temperate rainforest, Tofino Creek, Clayoquot Sound, Vancouver Island.

Short film : Crees and Greenpeace urge minister to save ancestral Broadback Valley Forest

Blog entry by ddurand | January 1, 0001

« What is South of our land has been entirely clearcut or fragmented. The Broadback Valley is all that we have left and we need to protect it immediately» Paul Gull, Chief of Waswanipi Cree Nation during the launch of the film in...

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