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Why FSC's move to protect Intact Forest Landscapes is key for the Congo Basin

Blog entry by Irene Wabiwa-Betoko | July 3, 2015

In September 2014,  Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)  members voted with an overwhelming majority at their General Assembly to protect "the vast majority" of  Intact Forest Landscapes (IFLs)  in and around FSC certified forest...

Podcast: India cracking down on environmentalists & what is a climate sink?

Blog entry by Mary Ambrose | July 1, 2015

The first story in this podcast is complicated. Really complicated. But I'm going to keep it simple. It starts in India. At the moment, many non governmental organizations (NGOs) are  being leaned on by the Indian Ministry of Home...

Join us in July: Action for Jobs, Justice and the Climate

Blog entry by Julia Levin | June 25, 2015

The weather is heating up and so is the movement of #PeopleVsOil !   In June we were on the west coast confronting Shell’s pursuit of extreme oil as it sails north to the Arctic to start drilling, and this month we are taking to the...

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