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BC’s smallest whale, Skeena salmon and GHG emissions all weigh against PNW LNG

Blog entry by Luanne Roth | March 21, 2016 1 comment

This is a guest blog post by Luanne Roth of the T. Buck Suzuki Environmental Foundation. I live up in Prince Rupert on BC’s north coast where these porpoises, whales and salmon are a part of everyday life. A big decision is pending...

Last Month We Passed the Climate 'Red Line'

Blog entry by Mike Hudema | March 17, 2016

Last month the world hit a worrying milestone . For the first time in recorded history, perhaps the first time in the course of human history temperatures in the northern hemisphere passed 2 degrees C above ‘normal’. 2 degrees...

Get creative & win a trip to the Arctic!

Blog entry by Miriam Wilson | March 17, 2016

"This is my poster I made for GreenPeace Arctic "Save the Arctic" poster contest. The Arctic is in big trouble because of Global warming, drilling for oil, fishing and destruction of habitat. Please go vote for my painting. There will...

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