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Canada bans microbeads! Another move to tackle plastic pollution...and more needed!

Blog entry by Sarah King, Senior oceans strategist | November 14, 2016

When you google “microbeads,” calls to ban them pop up in the search results even before the trusty Wikipedia definition. That’s because scientific studies and environmental organizations have shone a spotlight on how these tiny,...

Solidarity with Clyde River: Noise Complaints to Trudeau

Blog entry by Julia Levin | November 14, 2016

The Issue: The Inuit of Clyde River are defending their tiny community from seismic blasting, which harms whales, puts their traditional way of life at risk and paves the way for destructive oil drilling in Arctic waters.  A...

Don’t Let Climate Change Take My Malbec

Blog entry by Valerie Pachal | November 10, 2016

Climate change is real, the effects are felt globally, and the Paris treaty becoming international law is one of the many signs that the worldwide community is taking efforts to limit the effects of global warming very seriously. ...

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