Life on our blue planet depends on healthy oceans, but recent reports warn that sea life faces the next mass extinction. Next to climate change, overfishing is the single greatest threat to marine biodiversity. Industrial fishing has reduced populations of large, predatory fish like tuna, cod and sharks by about ninety per cent in the last fifty years. Growing demand for seafood, wasteful fishing practices and mismanaged fish stocks and aquaculture operations are leading to broken links in marine food chains in Canadian waters and worldwide. Urgent action is needed to protect marine life and allow recovery. Greenpeace works to relieve pressure on ocean ecosystems and to establish a network of no-take marine reserves–ocean parks–covering 40 per cent of the world's oceans.



Greenpeace urges major canned tuna brands across the country to source only ocean-friendly tuna. Greenpeace also exposes brands unwilling to change their destructive ways. Tuna companies must stop sourcing tuna from overfished stocks and wasteful fisheries that kill far more than just the tuna in your can. Often sharks, rays, sea turtles and baby tuna from vulnerable stocks are caught through wasteful fishing methods. Much of the tuna on Canadian supermarket shelves is still caught by destructive methods, but a sea change is underway.Every year, Greenpeace ranks 14 of the largest tuna companies in Canada. See how they stack-up.


Sustainable Seafood Markets

Greenpeace is calling on Canada’s major supermarkets to green how they source seafood and become ocean advocates. With sustainable seafood policies now in place with every major chain in Canada, Greenpeace pushes for an end to selling redlist seafood and irresponsible procurement practices. As the middlemen between consumers and seafood producers, supermarkets play a pivotal role in cleaning up the supply chain and pushing for positive change in our oceans.


The latest updates


Our leaders can and should save the Pacific tuna next week

Blog entry by Duncan Williams, Greenpeace Australia | March 19, 2012

Ocean stewardship in the Pacific has come a long way. Ask a Pacific islander fifty years ago about managing fish and you would have been greeted with a look of bemusement. After all, fish back in the day were thought of as...

Clover Leaf: Time to change your unlucky tuna

Blog entry by Sarah King | March 16, 2012

Every St. Patrick’s Day swarms of Canadians take to the streets and local pubs dressed in their finest green attire, sipping green beer, wearing green face paint and even leprechaun hats to toast to St. Patrick or just to good times...

Greenpeace and Palau bust pirates in Palau shark sanctuary

Blog entry by Sarah King | December 8, 2011

More action from Greenpeace's " Defending Our Pacific" tour where we're working to rid the region of destructive, illegal and inequitable tuna fisheries. Today, Palauan fisheries officials boarded and detained a Taiwanese fishing...

Nasty FADs stinking up the Esperanza

Blog entry by Sarah King and Nathanial Pelle | December 4, 2011

Greenpeace ship, Esperanza, has been patrolling the high seas of the Pacific for tuna fishing offenders and has unfortunately come across lots to be concerned about. Nathanial Pelle from our Australian office is onboard and recounts...

Back in court battling for a better world for the orcas

Blog entry by Sarah King | November 30, 2011

We’re back in court this morning along with eight other environmental groups and our awesome lawyers at Ecojustice to continue our fight for the protection of British Columbia’s killer whales. Contrary to what the Department of...

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