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Nuclear power - undermining action on climate change

Publication | 7 March, 2008 at 16:09

A briefing paper on why nuclear power is an expensive and dangerous distraction from the real solutions to climate change. Greenhouse gas reduction targets can only be met through using the proven alternatives of renewable energy technologies...

Hans Monker

Blog entry by Andrew | 7 March, 2008 117 comments

You would never pick out Hans in a bar as a hero. He just didn't have the look. But he went places most people wouldn't dare go, to do work beyond most of us - for Greenpeace, Médecins Sans Frontières and other groups. He was born...

Nuclear Power - Energy Insecurity

Publication | 7 March, 2008 at 0:00

The world today is confronted with dangerous climate change, threatening the lives of millions of people and the ecological integrity of the entire planet. Epxerts warn that fundamental changes must be made to energy production and use within...

Cebit not so green

Blog entry by jmi | 6 March, 2008

Over at the official Cebit blog Sascha is wondering about an exhibitors’s huge Humvee car (blog post in german) and whether some companies take “Green IT” really that seriously. We wondered too. That’s why we – that’s me and our ...

The whole Cebit should be a Green Village

Blog entry by jmi | 6 March, 2008 1 comment

… claims our Greener Electronics campaigner Zeina Al-Hajj in an interview she gave to the Cebit Channel on Youtube . Please watch it, blog it, spread it.

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