Our vision

We are aiming for nothing less than a transformation of how we see the world and ourselves in it. We want to support a shift from consumption to sharing, from competition to collaboration. Only by increasing our collective responsibility for each other, can we build a green and peaceful future.

Decorated bottles created during Make SMTHNG Week in Nairobi. © Greenpeace
First nations delegates on the Esperanze © Keri Coles/Greenpeace
Climate March at COP24 in Poland. © ID GP0CT15361

What you can do

#Health Join the movement for clean air

Join the movement demanding solutions to the air pollution crisis.

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#Consumption Stop plastic pollution!

Join millions of people around the world to take action to stop plastic pollution

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#Climate Raise your voice for Climate Justice

It’s time for all of us to assert our rights, demand climate justice, and a dignified way of life.

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#Consumption #Oceans Call for a Plastic-Free Future

Join millions of people around the world to take action to stop plastic pollution.

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#Consumption #Food Eat less meat, more plants, tell your friends

The meat and dairy industry’s relentless quest for profit is putting all of us at risk.

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#Climate Be a part of the Street Classrooms

Students need skills and knowledge to adapt to the emerging future. Join us.

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#Climate #Forests Protect Rainforests

For decades, people like you have been taking action to stop deforestation, expose destructive companies, and protect Indigenous rights.

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#Climate #Oceans Create ocean sanctuaries in the Antarctic

Almost half our planet is a vast blue wilderness, outside of the boundaries of flags, languages and national divisions.

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#Climate #Consumption #Food Reconnect with food

Right now, most of us don’t know where our food comes from.

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#Climate Hold corporations to account

We’re campaigning for a system that puts justice for people and the planet ahead of profits for corporations.

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#Climate #Oil All of us vs. Arctic Oil

When politicians put oil and profit before people and planet, we need to hold them accountable.

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#Climate #Oil Save the Arctic

For millennia people lived in the Arctic alongside some of the most elusive and majestic animals.

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#Consumption Detox My Fashion

Global fast fashion brands are churning out more clothes than the planet can handle.

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