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  • Dear LEGO employees...

    Blogpost by Ian Duff - July 23, 2014 at 16:53

    Hi. My name is Ian and I'm a campaigner with Greenpeace. I'm also a new dad and a big fan of LEGO. She's a little young now, but I know that in a few years my baby girl will be building her own dreams out of your colourful little bricks. Read more >

    I am sure that you feel very privileged to work at LEGO. I feel the same about Greenpeace and in a way we are similar – trying to build a better world for the next generation and our children.

    For me that's a world that has moved past fossil fuels and into a new era of clean energy. It means companies like LEGO pledging to go beyond oil (which, to your great credit, you have already promised to do). It means seeing the melting Arctic as a warning sign that we are pushing our planetary luck – and not as an opportunity to drill for more of the oil that ca...

  • 48 hours of action against LEGO - this is just the start

    Blogpost by sara_a - July 21, 2014 at 10:24