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  • Real pirates plunder and steal

    Blogpost by Szabina Mozes - October 21, 2013 at 14:23

    It is now more than 30 days since our ship was seized and our 30 friends and colleagues were arrested. They now face a charge of piracy — an absurd charge that carries a maximum 15 year jail sentence.  In the meantime pirate fishing is a real threat, recklessly plundering our oceans.

    It seems like when you're a big fish in the tuna industry you can break whatever rules you don't like and - if your illegal activities are ever discovered - flash some cash to make all the fuss go away.

    It shouldn't be that way. Huge profits are at stake in the tuna fishery, but so is the future of a fish that is a vital source of food, livelihoods and income to small island states. If fines for pirate fishing are low and there's little or no other consequence to stealing fish, unscrupulous tuna bosses will simpl... Read more >

  • Battling extreme weather on Mt Everest to join the call to #FreeTheArctic30

    Blogpost by Zhong Yu - October 21, 2013 at 12:49

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    I've been to Mount Everest four times: first to climb, then twice to investigate glacial evidence of climate change. This year I thought I came back to ride. My friend Nancy and I rode 1,500 kilometres on bicycles over the course of one month from Yunnan's Shangri-la arriving here at Everest on October 6th. But what I didn't expect was that almost one week later we would return to the base of Mt Everest, in order to support 30 friends arrested in the Arctic, and to voice the demand to free them from here at the world's "third pole."

    It was a tough ride. We were battered by snowstorms, and when we arrived on October 13th Mount Everest itself was not visible, shrouded in a thick blanket of clouds. The weather forecast was for three days of rain and snow. We had no choice but await the sun ...

  • 6 men in balaclavas break into grounds of Greenpeace office in Russia

    Blogpost by James Sadri - October 21, 2013 at 10:10

    Security camera footage from the Greenpeace office in Murmansk - where campaigners and lawyers are working to free the Arctic 30 - shows six men in balaclavas jumping the fence and breaking into the grounds of the shared building.