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  • I hope this finds you well. I just wanted to update you on some goings on down here in New Zealand.

    Last Thursday, just as the sun was rising over our capital of Wellington, four activists scaled our parliament building to install solar panels on the roof and drop a large, satirical banner targeting the Prime Minister.

    Check it out:

    The reason for the early start was to call upon the government to take real action on climate change… now! Despite our global clean and green image, our record on climate action is poor. A recent public consultation on what pollution reduction targets NZ should take to Paris was a total farce, with the Government falsely claiming the bigger the target, the greater the cost will be to the economy. It was an attempt to persuade the public that we should do no... Read more >

  • Walrus in the Polar Sea, Arctic, Spitzbergen, Norway.24 Aug, 2012 © Markus Mauthe / Greenpeace

    The animal that comes most readily to mind when thinking of the Arctic, climate change, or sea ice melt is certainly the polar bear. Who woulda thunk, then, that the walrus would turn out to be the most headache-inducing megafauna for Shell as the global oil company tries to drill in the melting Arctic this summer.

    Yesterday marked a major development in the ongoing battle royale between Shell, the Obama administration, federal regulators, and environmentalists.  The quick and dirty? As part of Shell’s exploration plan to drill for oil in the Chukchi Sea off the coast of northern Alaska this summer, the company had planned to drill two simultaneous wells, 9 miles apart. Yesterday, the Department of Interior, the federal agency in charge of regulating Shell’s Arctic drilling project, said... Read more >

  • Breakthrough! Saving the vaquita just got one step closer

    Blogpost by Gloria Chang - July 3, 2015 at 12:18

    Remember these little guys? There are only 97 vaquita left in the world and you’ve been part of a global campaign to save them. In fact, in just the last 5 weeks, 100,000 of you have stood up and demanded they be protected. And good news…

    Image: Flip Nicklin / Minden Pictures

    Your voices were heard!

    Thanks to you and the enormous buzz we’ve helped create around the world (herehere,here and here!) the USA and China last week agreed for the first time ever to tackle the smuggling of the totaoba fish, which is another endangered fish caught using gillnets. It is these gillnets that tragically trap and drown the vaquita.

    Right now, this is the major threat to the vaquita’s existence. But the totaoba fish is being recognised as a priority by both countries. This is a huge breakthrough to s... Read more >

  • OSPAR victory: Arctic protection is one step closer

    Blogpost by Pilar Marcos - July 1, 2015 at 9:09

    The Arctic Ocean is currently the world's most vulnerable ocean. But the hope is this will soon change. At a meeting held in Ostend, Belgium, last week, the OSPAR Convention agreed to adopt specific measures to protect its Arctic region, including a commitment to secure a marine protected area (MPA) in 2016. This means an unprecedented agreement on Arctic protection, which could result in safeguarding the first piece of a future sanctuary in the High Arctic in just a few months' time.

    In 2016, the Arctic may finally receive well-deserved attention from OSPAR: a protected area equivalent in size to half of the surface of Spain (232,650 KM2). An area where no oil drilling or large industrial fishing will take place, and where the protection of threatened habitats and species will be the pr... Read more >

  • 4 Greenpeace climbers have scale Parliament House with #realclimateaction

    Blogpost by Francis Park - June 25, 2015 at 7:24

    4 Greenpeace climbers have scaled Parliament House with a delivery of 8 solar panels and a 'Key' message: #realclimateaction now!

    UPDATE: We're happy to say that Parliamentary staff accepted our solar power present, and everyone is safely down after a very long day. They've sent a strong message to John Key and around the world that Aotearoa needs a real climate action, now!

    Thank you everyone for your support and comments.

    4 Greenpeace climbers have scaled Parliament House with a delivery of 8 solar panels - Live on Periscope Now!


    LIVE ON Periscope >>>

    Or follow us on Twitter:

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  • Dolphins swim alongside the Rainbow Warrior in the Cook Strait, New Zealand. 02/13/2013 © Nigel Marple / Greenpeace

    No reason to deny it – making it official makes things a tad more real! Today the United Nations General Assembly formally decided to develop a High Seas Biodiversity Agreement, endorsing the breakthrough outcome of the UN biodiversity working group meeting in January.

    Starting next year in March, countries will begin wrestling out the content of this new High Seas Treaty.  A lot of heavy debate and controversy is expected. There are countries that realize that bold measures are needed to save the oceans and others who will do what they can to stall and weaken the outcome.

    Greenpeace and millions of #OceanLovers across the world will be calling for the High Seas Biodiversity Agreement to establish the much needed global network of ocean sanctuaries on the high seas – 64% of the ocean th... Read more >

  • I'm Standing Between Shell and the Arctic. Join Me.

    Blogpost by Audrey Siegl - June 18, 2015 at 12:41

    Audrey Siegl 06/17/2015  © Greenpeace / Keri Coles

    Editor's Note: Today, First Nations artist and activist Audrey Siegl stood on a small boat bravely confronting Shell's 300-foot-tall Arctic drilling platform in Canadian waters off the coast of British Columbia on its way to the Alaskan Arctic. This is her message on why she took a stand against Shell, originally posted hereAudrey's protest comes less than a week after dozens of kayaktivists blocked Shell's Arctic-bound rig for hours as it left the United States.

    This morning, I faced off with Shell's Arctic Drilling Rig the "Polar Pioneer". It was terrifying. But there are moments in life when, despite your fear, you must act.

    I chose to stand face-to-face with this massive machine and use my voice to express my opposition to the devastating work Shell's rig is on its way to do.

    T... Read more >

  • Activists say ShellNo! as oil rig departs for Arctic

    Blogpost by Dawn Bickett - June 16, 2015 at 14:31

    Illustration of kayaktivists

    Today, Shell Oil’s drilling rig — the Polar Pioneer — left port to drill in the Arctic.

    Shell received government permission to drill in the Arctic this summer despite its history of failures and safety violations, the Obama Administration’s own study showing that there’s a 75 percent chance of a major Arctic spill within this century if we drill in the Chukchi Sea, and the devastating consequences Arctic drilling would have on our climate. It’s outrageous.

    But this bleak news is fueling something powerful. While governments refuse to rein in big oil companies, ordinary people are stepping up. And a movement is growing between communities and across borders.

    Here’s a snapshot of just the last 72 hours:


    Shell’s first oil rig left the Port of Seattle for the Arctic this morni...

    Read more >

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