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  • Article originally published in the Guardian.

    An oasis is a body of water, ringed by greenery and beyond that, a lifeless, endless landscape that coughs up dust and sand whenever the wind touches it. It is a globally understood symbol of something precious, fragile and rare.

    The entire population of the planet: plants, animals and people, are crowded around that symbolic single, lonely body of water. All of us jostling and pushing to get our share. Some are close to the source through sheer luck, others have muscled their way in. This has left those without fiscal or political clout on the fringes, unable to get near fresh water for sanitation, agriculture or even to drink.

    The coal industry is one of the groups which has managed to muscle its way in.

    This year, as policymakers work t... Read more >

  • Indigenous people of Komi decide to kick Lukoil out of their lands

    Blogpost by Greenpeace Feature Desk - April 4, 2014 at 16:14

    Residents from 13 different villages in the Izhma district of Komi region gathered at a public meeting to discuss recent environmental problems caused by Lukoil, the primary oil company operating in this subarctic area. The result of the meeting was sensational for Russia: they unanimously voted for a resolution demanding that Lukoil-Komi Company should leave the district.