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  • Putting clean and green back into conservation

    Blogpost by Phil Crawford - September 11, 2013 at 14:26

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    Earlier this week I wrote about the start of New Zealand’s first-ever Shark Awareness Week. I should have also mentioned that it’s Conservation Week. Not that you’d know that when it comes to looking after life in our oceans.

    Last Friday the government announced it was further delaying plans to increase protection measures for Maui’s dolphin, already on the cusp of extinction, and less than 24 hours later announced it was massively scaling back its proposal for a marine reserve in Antarctica’s Ross Sea.

    As Labour’s Conservation and Environment spokesperson Ruth Dyson said after the Ross Sea back-down it doesn’t appear that conservation is a government priority at all. There’s certainly been scant evidence to prove otherwise.

    Let’s start with Maui’s dolphin. Eighteen months ago the governm... Read more >

  • Sharks are awesome. Shark finning is not.

    Blogpost by Phil Crawford - September 9, 2013 at 9:15

    Sharks are in for an image makeover during New Zealand’s first-ever Shark Awareness Week which starts today!

    Sharks often make the headlines for the wrong reasons so this week a series of events around NZ will focus on the vital role sharks play in maintaining the healthy balance of the world's oceans.

    The events will also highlight the need for improved shark conservation in New Zealand, including a ban on shark finning.

    Over the week there will public talks about sharks, shark encounters, art inspired by sharks and New Zealand singer Jamie McDell will dive with the sharks. You can see the full schedule here.

    Organised by the New Zealand Shark Alliance, which includes Greenpeace and lots of other groups, New Zealand’s first Shark Awareness Week has been timed just ahead of the government’s ... Read more >

  • Go Finland! First Arctic nation to call for a global sanctuary around the North Pole

    Blogpost by Dr. Neil Hamilton - September 7, 2013 at 15:32

    Finland calls for sanctuary

    It's not every day that Finland kickstarts an international agreement. But in a few years time, the global community may well look back on this moment as the one that opened the door to an international treaty in the Arctic. 

    It's a first move in a complex chess match; a pawn gingerly edging its way onto the board. But it signals the beginnings of a shift that could mean a new political landscape for the Arctic. And it reminds us that movements can change politics. 

    Last week the Finnish government adopted a new Arctic Strategy that calls for a global sanctuary around the North Pole. It's one of the key demands of the growing Save the Arctic movement. Two or three years ago Arctic protection was a non-issue in Finland. Now they have become the first Arctic country to step ...

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  • Steven Joyce doesn't understand irony #SJDU

    Blogpost by Nathan Argent - September 6, 2013 at 9:25

    Steven Joyce Doesn't UnderstandThis is the second blog in what is now an occasional series, that we’ve decided to call ‘Steven Joyce doesn’t understand…’. After writing Wednesday’s blog called ‘Steven Joyce doesn’t understand economics’ it swiftly became uncomfortably obvious that we’d get enough material to turn it into a series.

    Today’s is called ‘Steven Joyce doesn’t understand irony’. We were going to call it ‘Steven Joyce doesn’t understand democracy’ but we’re pretty certain that ‘Big J’ is going to give us plenty of opportunity to come back to that one.

    Anyway, back to today’s edition of SJDU. The whole ‘not understanding irony’ thing has been done before. Most notably about how the well-known ditty called Ironic by songstress Alanis Morissette completely misunderstands irony. Which is ironic.

    What isn’t ironic... Read more >

  • Not here, not anywhere

    Blogpost by Farah Obaidullah - September 5, 2013 at 15:01

    It’s been a year since Greenpeace in Australia took action against the Margiris super trawler and to mark the anniversary – admittedly coincidentally – Greenpeace activists in Chile protested against the presence of the monster boat in their waters.

    Holding up banners that read, "Not here, Not anywhere" and "Stop plundering our oceans", Greenpeace activists took to the port in Valparaiso on Friday. Two activists also tried to board the 142 metre-long Margiris in order to stall her return to the South Pacific where she fishes on stocks that are in a perilous state.

    Local Chilean fishermen, who have seen their own fish stocks plummet due to overfishing, supported our peaceful protest. Although the Margiris does not fish inside Chilean waters, she operates close enough to anger the local f... Read more >

  • It's time to Get Free

    Blogpost by Bunny McDiarmid - September 4, 2013 at 19:42

    It is time to get reinspired as a nation.

    To feel proud again of those things that have made our country the coolest little country on earth.

    And to remember how it was that we got our country that way. It wasn’t by sitting on our arses!

    A Call to Action was mooted amongst groups working to defend our country from risky fossil fuel expansion. Then some people loved and respected were asked if they might be part of that call.

    They were phoned and emailed and one after another – people said yes and often with great enthusiasm.

    We asked doctors, academics, musicians, activists and entrepreneurs.

    When we thanked writer/poet Albert Wendt for his participation he said “I feel honoured to be a small part of something I believe in.”

    Maria Tyrrell, the daughter of Captain Alan Tyrrell of the ... Read more >

  • Shark finning? It just won't fly!

    Blogpost by Karli Thomas - September 4, 2013 at 15:46

    Right now the New Zealand Government is putting the final touches to its plans for a public consultation about sharks. Unfortunately, what we’re hearing from officials gives little room for optimism that they’ll do the right thing and draft a ban on shark finning in our waters. But that’s the beauty of public consultation – it’s our chance to influence public policy when the Government is out of whack with the views of most Kiwis.

    Interviewed last week by TV3, an MPI official claimed “simply to ban finning doesn’t necessarily contribute to a healthy shark population”. Wait a minute: Blue sharks – the most commonly finned species in NZ – are almost all still alive when brought to the boat. Yet, because shark finning is legal, over 70% are killed, finned and dumped back overboard. If finning... Read more >

  • Steven Joyce doesn’t understand economics

    Blogpost by Nathan Argent - September 4, 2013 at 13:14

    Yesterday economic development minster Steven Joyce showed that he doesn’t understand economics. Which must make his job a little difficult. Well, either he doesn’t understand economics, or he’s rather ham-fistedly trying to misrepresent the oil industry’s economic worth.

    He trotted out a report yesterday which ignored capital costs, and also ignored the external costs associated with pollution. And, even then, it still showed that exports of oil and coal are on the slide and fossil fuels are no longer profitable.

    But still, despite all Joyce’s efforts to misrepresent the figures, the fossil fuel industry still looks like peanuts compared to the clean energy sector that this country could have.

    Almost 30,000 jobs could be created in areas such as the geothermal and bioe... Read more >

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