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  • Breakthrough! Japanese retailer AEON champions sustainable seafood

    Blogpost by Oliver Knowles - March 19, 2014 at 11:47

    They said it couldn't be done. They said you couldn't change Japanese attitudes to eating seafood. They laughed when we said we planned to change the way some of Japan's biggest corporations, retailers, wholesalers and restaurants buy their seafood. Last week, we proved the doubters wrong.

    Following a committed campaign by Greenpeace in Japan, and because of growing consumer awareness and concern about seafood sustainability, last week Japan's biggest retailer, AEON, announced several important commitments as part of a new policy designed to massively improve the environmental performance of the business. First and foremost amongst those commitments is an agreement to eliminate the illegal trading, harvesting and fishing of seafood from its supply chains.

    Seafood Ranking Guide Activity in Tokyo

    Seafood Ranking Guide Activity ... Read more >

  • Seeking justice for the Arctic 30

    Blogpost by Sergey Golubok and Kristin Casper - March 18, 2014 at 11:36

    Today, we launched a case at the European Court of Human Rights on behalf of the Arctic 30, who spent two months in Russian jail for a peaceful protest to save the Arctic.

    The 30 individuals are requesting "just compensation" from the Russian Federation, and importantly, a statement from the independent Court saying that their apprehension in international waters by Russian agents and subsequent detention were unlawful.

    The European Court has the power to hold Russia to account for the months of uncertainty theArctic 30 faced in Russia. While held in detention centres they lived with the fear that they could spend years locked up for a crime they did not commit. The European Court has jurisdiction over matters involving alleged human rights violations committed by Russia. In many cases Ru... Read more >

  • Is there a future for Greenland without Arctic oil?

    Blogpost by Jon Burgwald - March 17, 2014 at 14:11

    For the past four years I've been visiting the beautiful country of Greenland, trying to prevent dangerous oil drilling that would cause havoc to the unique and fragile wildlife and nature here.

    But ever since I started working in the cold north, the people who live here, who have an inherent right to the lands and oceans, have asked me again and again what kind of future Greenpeace sees for them. They ask if we believe all of Greenland and its inhabitants should live in a 'natural museum' without any opportunities for development. These people are concerned because they have a strong desire for development in Greenland, to see the country and its people grow.

    I strongly believe that oil drilling in the Arctic is a bad idea and a reckless course that can only lead to disaster – not only... Read more >

  • The European Parliament backs our vision for an Arctic sanctuary

    Blogpost by Neil Hamilton - March 13, 2014 at 9:42

    Tonight I’ll sleep well, knowing that there is finally something happening within the international community about protecting the Arctic.

    It’s not going to change things overnight, but it’s very positive, and something that our movement of over five million people can be proud of.

    So what just happened?

    The European Parliament today passed a Resolution promoting strong protection of the environment of the Arctic region. They called for (among other things) the establishment of a Sanctuary in the high seas region around the North Pole.

    This is a massive step forward for our campaign!  It’s the second sign, after Finland also supported the idea of an Arctic sanctuary, of a growing international movement that wants permanent protection of one of the largest and least exploited areas on ... Read more >

  • With Texan cowboy, deep sea drillers Anadarko you have to expect a few leaks here and there - they were one of the companies behind the largest ever oil spill at sea after all.

    The news this morning from their operation off Otago was a bit out of the ordinary though – there’s word of a leak... and people all around the country are crossing their fingers, hoping for confirmation?!

    Anadarko are leaking

    That's because this was not the oil-gushing-everywhere kind of leak. This time, someone on the inside has spilled the beans on Anadarko's failure to find oil off Otago.

    The leaked information points to the well in the Canterbury Basin being empty. If this is the case, it'll be the second time this summer that Anadarko's drill ship, the Noble Bob Douglas, has come up with nothing after they failed to find anyth...

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  • Mars and P&G: one just took deforestation seriously, and the other didn’t

    Blogpost by Areeba Hamid - March 11, 2014 at 9:35

    Here’s how two different corporations respond to a consumers’ very real and very serious concerns…

    One makes a clear promise with ambitious time lines; the other continues as if it’s business as usual. This is the difference between Mars and Procter & Gamble.

    Today Mars promised to remove forest destruction from all of its products by the end of 2015.

    People like you want their products to be made without the sort of destruction that drives tigers and orangutan’s to the edge of extinction. And when you all speak with one voice, this is the result. Mars joins a growing list of companies that are committing to cleaning up their supply chains: Nestle, Unilever, L’Oreal, Ferrero – check them out here.

    But this should be a wake up call for the folks at P&G.

    Ever since we revealed how P&G is... Read more >

  • Why Procter & Gamble does not share our concerns

    Blogpost by Joao Talocchi - March 10, 2014 at 12:48