About direct dialogue in NZ

Page - November 8, 2007

Every year we invite Direct Dialoguers (or Outreach Campaigners as we call them here) to join us.

Some NZ Programme facts and figures

  • Our programme is run in-house and so our team are employed directly by Greenpeace.
  • Our successful programme has been running since 1998.
  • The programme has 5 co-ordinators including 2 who work on the ‘Street’ programme, 2 on the ‘Door to Door’ programme
  • We have one office in Auckland but about 9 permanent teams in different towns across New Zealand.
  • Street team members work a 35-37.5 hour week, 7 hrs a day minimum, 5 days a week.
  • Door team members work a 30-32.5 hour week, 6-6.5 hrs a day, 5 days a week.
  • On the Street average gift target is $25 and 0.50 an hour.
  • On the Door average sign-up is $25 and 0.40 an hour.
  • Targets on travelling teams are higher for both programmes due to the cost of travel and the opportunities available to meet these targets.
  • In summer we are likely to have up to 80 face to face team members spread around the country.
  • Each week our teams meet to share skills, stories about the week, talk through issues and engage in additional training.
  • Every week our Campaign team call in to update our teams on activity
  • Direct Dialogue is known as Frontline in NZ (and Australia) and in NZ we call our DD team members “Outreach Campaigners”
  • Kiwis in general consider themselves to be quite environmentally aware and Greenpeace is known well by 99% (research done in 2007) of people you meet.
  • Kiwis take the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior quite personally and most are proud of our country’s clean, green image and nuclear free status.
  • NZ has a population of 4 million and a land mass equivalent to the size of the UK therefore there is lots of space … and lots of sheep.

How do travelling teams work?

NZ travelling teams go from town to town (we only have 4 major cities in New Zealand) spending a few days in each place.  Each team usually consists of 2-4 people. They visit towns which are too small for us to have permanent teams. They also visit towns with permanent teams to work, network and socialise with those teams. These team members usually stay in backpacker accommodation though some like to go it natural with a tent!  We do provide a vehicle for every travel team to use.  Usually the team form a really strong friendship and have a lot of fun working and playing together. You work 5 days and that gives you 2 days off a week to explore. Any travel journey will take you through all the best places in NZ. Travelling teams have higher targets to reach because they are being paid per diems ($45.00 per day) which make these trips on the “must achieve” list for our team members. Also when you are visiting towns where we don’t usually have a presence then it’s much easier to sign people up.

There are many benefits to joining a travel team, not only to you earn while you travel, a highly attractive bonus system makes these trips very appealing. You also get to see NZ with friends making your time in NZ one to truly remember.  No serving food, washing dishes or working bars – our jobs provide a win, win situation to those super star fundraisers.