Every year it’s estimated we toss away more than a billion plastic bottles here in New Zealand.

This plastic ends up clogging our landfills, getting shipped offshore and incinerated overseas, where it harms human health, or it winds up on our coast, causing harm to wildlife like the toroa (albatross) and breaking down into tiny toxic pieces which end up in our food.

We’re calling on New Zealand’s government to ban single-use plastic bottles. Will you join us?

Sign the petition to ban the bottle

Ban the bottle petition

Sign on now to call on the government to ban throwaway plastic bottles and mandate for reusable alternatives:

Let’s hold the big polluters to account

Globally, 380 million tonnes of plastic are produced each year. Coca-Cola is the worst plastic polluter. With your help we can push the government to increase refill and reuse options to meet this global crisis.

We need bold action that ends plastic pollution at the source and holds plastic polluters like Coca Cola to account. 

This plastic-free July 2022 Greenpeace is calling on the New Zealand Government to ban single-use plastic drink bottles and to incentivise reusable and refillable alternatives.

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