Greenpeace will appear alongside experts at the Environment Select Committee tomorrow, 9am Thursday 14 October, to give oral evidence supporting their petition calling for the Government to phase out synthetic nitrogen fertiliser.

Synthetic nitrogen fertiliser is a key driver of intensive dairying and is a significant climate and water pollutant. Recent studies have linked synthetic nitrogen fertiliser and intensive dairying in New Zealand to nitrate contamination in drinking water, associated with increased risk of bowel cancer and premature births.

Greenpeace has called expert evidence from:

Jono Frew of Natural Performance and Quorum Sense – representing the benefits of farming without synthetic nitrogen fertiliser.

Dr Alex Macmillan, Associate Professor in Environmental Health at Otago University, and member of OraTaiao, representing the impact of synthetic nitrogen fertiliser on climate change and health.

Dr Tim Chambers is Senior Research Fellow at Otago University with evidence on the health impact of nitrate contamination of drinking water.

Dr Adam Canning is a water ecologist speaking to the ecological impacts of nitrogen and synthetic nitrogen fertiliser.

The Fertiliser Association is also appearing, representing the two major fertiliser companies, Ravensdown and Ballance, who are responsible for distribution of 98% of synthetic nitrogen fertiliser in New Zealand. The Environment Select Committee session will be streamed live via Facebook.