Report on soil contamination and mercury pollution as a result of the activities of the coal industry in Bulgaria.

In the last three years Greenpeace Bulgaria has researched, documented and publically presented the harmful impact the coal industry has had on the human health and the environment. In our previous reports we have focused our attention on the devastating impact coal mining and burning have on the quality of air and water. Now we are paying attention to two well-buried consequences of the coal activities. In the first part of the report we are discussing how coal mining activities are negatively affecting the quality and integrity of the soils in Bulgaria. In the second part, we look into a threat that is mainly caused by the coal activities but is usually ignored and left undiscussed – namely the mercury emissions and their impact on human health and the environment.

Greenpeace-Bulgaria believes the coal sector still has well-buried secrets which while important to the people and the environment remain hidden and not fully researched. Soils (their integrity and quality) are one of the founding elements for the life on Earth. Ignoring this fact could lead to serious consequences for the future generation as well as for the environment. This is why the report is aiming at bringing the attention to protecting the planet and keeping it away from one more danger resulting from the always increasing need of the humanity for energy and resources.


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