November 21, 2018 (BRITISH-COLUMBIA) – It has been confirmed that the largest oil spill Newfoundland has witnessed two days ago cannot be cleaned up.  In response to that, Mike Hudema, Climate & Energy campaigner at Greenpeace Canada underlines that this should be a wake-up call to the government to not add more tanker threats to Canada’s coastline.

“ With 14 oiled  seabirds confirmed, one can only wonder the extent of the damage this spill will have on wildlife. Canadians should be concerned that Canada’s ‘world class’ spill response system couldn’t contain the largest spill in Newfoundland’s history – a spill that has now been deemed impossible to clean-up. It should also be a wake-up call to the government if rough conditions – which are found on both the east and west coast – can thwart spill clean-up.

This underwater pipeline spill is an especially timely reminder of our spill clean-up limitations as the National Energy Board is looking at bringing 400 bitumen filled tankers right through the heart of endangered orca whale habitat on the west coast,  by endorsing the Trans Mountain Expansion project. If we can’t deal with accidents when they happen we shouldn’t be adding more threats to the mix.”


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