Brussels, 10 April 2024 – A leaked plan to ramp up investments in the EU weapons and military industry would leave people in Europe vulnerable to the security impacts of the escalating climate and nature crisis, warned Greenpeace.

Reacting to the leak, Greenpeace EU political campaigner Ariadna Rodrigo said: “This plan expects 20th century military strategy to protect people from 21st century security threats. But you can’t shoot a wildfire and you can’t bomb a flood. Pouring billions into tanks, missiles and guns will do absolutely nothing to help communities across Europe facing drought, storms or crop failure. More weapons won’t make Europe a safer place to live for future generations.”

Government leaders will discuss the leaked draft of the European Council’s strategic agenda 2024-2029 at the EU summit in Brussels next week. The document highlights a policy for the “scaling up” of the European weapons industry and to “substantially” increase European military spending and investment.

All over Europe, people are facing worsening climate impacts. Heatwaves, wildfires and floods wipe out forests, pollute scarce water supplies, destroy homes and take lives. At a time when public money is in short supply to respond to this emergency, government military spending has reached unprecedented levels.


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