I declare that

  1. I am an Indian national.

  2. The particulars given to GPET(Greenpeace Environment Trust) are true, correct and complete, if any transaction is delayed or not affected at all for the reasons of incomplete or incorrect information, I shall not hold GPET responsible for any loss/damage/inconvenience arising out of the same.

  3. If there is any change in donation amount or frequency the same will be communicated by letter, SMS or email.

  4. I agree to GPET communicating to me via telephone calls, SMS or
    electronic mail and such communications shall not be considered unsolicited.

  5. I also understand I can withdraw from this commitment whenever I wish; all I have to do is inform GPET in writing through email, letter to stop my contribution.

  6. In view of GPET undertaking not to share my above personal details with any one except their authorised Agents and service providers (including but not limited to Direct Dialogue Initiatives India Pvt Ltd) or when it is mandated by regulatory authorities or by myself, I hereby permit GPET for such limited sharing.

  7. Donations to GPET are eligible for exemption u/s 80G of Income Tax Act. 1961. I understand that GPET will send a consolidated receipt and tax exemption certificate at the end of the financial year.

Terms and Conditions

      1. Donations will be accepted only from Indian citizens.

      2. No donations are accepted from corporate entities or any Government agencies..

      3. All donations are received through Credit Card/NACH/e-Mandates or online or through cheques/drafts or through swiping machines, but never in cash.

      4. According to Section 80G(5)(viii) of the Income Tax Act , 1961, In order for a donor to claim deduction under section 80G, Greenpeace Environment Trust must submit statement of donation received with the Authorities which requires Unique Identification Number of the Donor.

      5. For “Unique Identification Number” of the donor is requested to fill in one of the following :

      6. Type of Identification Code Unique Identification Number

    PAN Number 1
    Aadhaar Number 2

    Donations Cancellation and Refund Policy


    • For cancellation of donations, the donor should email us at [email protected] or call us on our toll free line 1800 425 0374 & 1800 425 4594 Monday-Friday from 10am-6pm

    • The cancellation request must be made before the 27th of the month for it to take effect from the following month and those received later will take effect in the succeeding month

    • An email confirmation is sent within 24 working hours to the donor’s registered email ID


    • No refunds of donations are made if the donations are based on what the donor signed up for

    • No refund is made of extra bank charges incurred by donor in case of cheque or ECS bounce

    • No refund is processed once a tax certificate has been issued in the donor’s name

    • A refund is issued only in the case of technical or processing errors made by Greenpeace India

    • A refund is issued only via cheque and is despatched at the end of the month or at the start of the following month

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