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IPCC report signals decisive moment for humanity, Bold and strong climate action needed: Greenpeace India

August 2021

IPCC reports have been telling us what is happening to the planet due to the human induced climate crisis.

The national capital Delhi witnesses an unprecedented spike of 125% in NO2 pollution

July 2021

Delhi observed the most dramatic increase among all the eight Indian cities studied – Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Jaipur and Lucknow

22 out of 30 most polluted cities in the world belong to India, Delhi shows marginal improvement: IQAir

March 2021

Indian cities have shown an overall improvement of 63% over 2019 average

1800 deaths per million estimated due to PM2.5 air pollution in Delhi, reveals a new finding by Greenpeace and IQAir

February 2021

According to a Greenpeace Southeast Asia analysis of IQAir data from a live Cost Estimator [1] [2] and uses live air quality data collected

Union Budget 2021-22: A few welcomes and a major misses at climate and agriculture front

February 2021

Greenpeace campaigners share what they feel about the union budget 2021-22

Air quality in major south Indian cities shows improvement, need for climate-resilient mobility infrastructure felt

December 2020

Despite the reasonable improvement, the air quality all three cities remain higher than the prescribed WHO standards

Thousands of Indian citizens urge the government to implement Green recovery plans

November 2020

29174 citizens across the country have endorsed and collaborated in the Green Recommendations initiated by Greenpeace India


October 2020

For the first time in four years India’s sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions recorded a significant decline of approximately 6% in 2019 compared to 2018

Greenpeace India expresses solidarity with Amnesty India and Citizens of the country for their constitutional right to express and dissent

September 2020

As a society we don’t just develop with material gains but also by different perspectives and opinions of individuals and organizations that help nations and civilizations

Greenpeace India floats #Towards Better to highlight the need for green recovery plans post-COVID

September 2020

Farmers from 16 states of India demand plans towards building a climate-proof, equal, sustainable and resilient India

Despite a strict lockdown, Delhi’s economy estimated to lose 5.8% of the city’s annual GDP due to air pollution in the first half-year

July 2020

(Research shows that long-term air pollution exposure increases the risk of severe COVID-19 infections and death)

Significant reduction observed in PM2.5 and NO2 in the three major south Indian cities

May 2020

(According to Greenpeace’s analysis, in Hyderabad and Bangalore, the NO2 concentration has reduced by more than half) Bangalore, 27th May: A new analysis of CPCB data reveals a large scale…

Air Quality in the world’s top ten polluted Indian cities improves drastically, still more than 25 μg/m3 WHO prescribed standards

April 2020

(Improvement in air quality reiterates that change is possible however it need not be under drastic circumstance but a planned investment in public good can address the pollution crisis that…

Despite signalling improvements, Delhi-NCR region remains to be the most polluted region in the World

February 2020

According to the World Air Quality Report 2019, 21 out of the top 30 most polluted cities are located in India

Indian Medical Association writes to Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar, asks to include all non-attainment cities in National Clean Air Programme

February 2020

IMA has also demanded the ministry to increase the number of monitoring stations across the country

Air pollution from fossil fuels costs India ₹ 10.7 lakh crore annually, reveals a new report

February 2020

Report estimates one million deaths each year in India due to air pollution generated from burning fossil fuels

IMA Tamil Nadu Chapter writes to MoEFCC, asks to include all non-attainment cities in NCAP

February 2020

Chennai, Tuesday: Indian Medical Association (IMA) Tamil Nadu Chapter has expressed grave concerns on…

More than 200 Indian cities apart from the 102 listed in NCAP is heavily polluted

January 2020

New Delhi, January 21: Fourth version of Airpocalypse report by Greenpeace India, has identified 231 Indian cities out of 287 with more than 52 monitoring days data in 2018 under…

Four years of sluggish implementation of emission norms by power generators leading to air pollution health crisis, says Greenpeace

December 2019

State and private sector power plants are the worst when it comes to cleaning up their act to reduce pollution from power generation, central sector is not doing great too.…

Claim that 25% reduction in Air Pollution levels in Delhi need to be taken with caution

November 2019

New Delhi, November 7:  A new analysis by Greenpeace India reveals that the air pollution levels in Delhi did not drop by 25% over the past years as claimed by…

Lack of a responsive mechanism and proper action plan led Delhi hit the smog crisis – again

November 2019

New Delhi 2nd November 2019 | As Delhi has been trapped in toxic smog before Diwali and situation further deteriorated post Diwali, an unprecedented public health emergency has been declared…

India largest SO2 emitter in the World, says Greenpeace’s new analysis

August 2019

New Delhi, August 19:  According to a new analysis by Greenpeace, India is the largest emitter of SO2 in the world with more than 15% of all the anthropogenic sulphur…

New satellite data shows top polluting NOx hotspots in India range from cities to industrial clusters

July 2019

Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chennai, and Hyderabad among the list New Delhi, July 4 | As Indian metro cities continue to battle alarming pollution levels, Greenpeace’s analysis of NO2 satellite…

Press Release- Boom and Bust Report 2019

March 2019

New coal plants shrink globally, but GoI continues to approve new proposals, despite pollution and deforestation impacts New Delhi, Thursday, March 28, 2019— For the third year in a row,…

Khurja Coal Plant Approval: A step back in tackling Air Pollution and providing affordable electricity

March 2019

Khurja coal plant approval: a step back in tackling air pollution and providing affordable electricity New Delhi | Thurs March 7th, 2019 : Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs approved the…

India Release : Latest air pollution data ranks world’s cities worst to best

March 2019

Latest air pollution data ranks world’s cities worst to best Delhi still the most polluted capital across the world (2018) but India has many more polluted geographies than the capital…

Karnataka High Court quashes Enforcement directorate’s order of freezing Greenpeace India’s bank accounts

February 2019

The Karnataka High Court has quashed the freezing of accounts of Greenpeace India by the Enforcement Directorate, holding the order of freezing to be null and void.

Greenpeace welcomes government funding for KUSUM rural solar & solar rooftop schemes; says proper implementation can be a game-changer for troubled power sector

February 2019

Greenpeace welcomes government funding for KUSUM rural solar & solar rooftop schemes; says proper implementation can be a game-changer for troubled power sector.

‘You Cannot Sink a Rainbow’: high spirited Greenpeace India staff members echo after being forced to downsize

February 2019

Greenpeace India has been forced to close regional offices in New Delhi and Patna, and shrink in size considerably because of Enforcement Directorate’s unlawful crackdown, but will continue to fight…

“NCAP a Step Forward With Less Ambition” Greenpeace India

January 2019

New Delhi | 10th January 2019 | The Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change announced the much anticipated National Clean Air Programme to fight air pollution on Thursday. In…

Government crackdown forces Greenpeace India to cut back work on climate change

December 2018

Greenpeace India will soon have to reduce to a core strength of twenty to twenty five people across the country, as a direct result of the Enforcement Directorate’s arbitrary freezing…

Institutional investors lose billions as Indian coal equities underperform market

December 2018

Mumbai, December 20, 2018: New analysis (1) shows that major Indian and international equity investors have seen their holdings in key Indian coal mining and coal-based power companies underperform the…

76000 premature deaths due to Non-Compliance of Emission Standard for Coal Based Power Plants in India

December 2018

New Delhi 7th December 2018| On the third anniversary of notification and one year since the deadline lapsed for implementing the emission standards for coal based power plants, Greenpeace analysis…

Karnataka HC grants partial relief to Greenpeace India; But ED harassment continues on environmental watchdog

December 2018

Enforcement Directorate is dragging its feet on the investigation, forcing the organisation to shrink and minimise its work on climate change in India

India at WHO Conference – A Mixed Bag of Hope & Disappointment: Greenpeace India

November 2018

New Delhi | 1st November 2018 | When India especially Delhi and other northern regions are battling with severe air pollution, India’s announcement of National Clean Air Programme by next…

One in 10 Deaths in Children Under Five Years of Age Due to Air Pollution: WHO

October 2018

While a WHO study re-emphasises the need for stronger actions to achieve breathable air, another Greenpeace report points out that India has some of the world’s biggest NO2 emissions hotspots,…

Can India bear cost of Government’s apathy & inaction on air pollution?

October 2018

New Delhi 12 October 2018| Taking suo motu action on a news report on the centre’s proposal to notify the National Clean Air Programme (NCAP), the National Green Tribunal (NGT)…

Greenpeace India – Fearlessly Indian and Financially Independent

October 2018

Orchestrated attempts to muzzle Greenpeace India’s voice that began in 2014 has surfaced yet again.

India Must Say No To New Coal Expansion To Keep Global Temperature Rise Below 1.5 Degree Celsius

October 2018

IPCC report points to stark choices ahead, but reason for hope and action – Greenpeace Incheon, Korea/ New Delhi|  8 October 2018|  The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) today…

NCAP Status Check for Karnataka: No Action Plan for Air Pollution Reduction

September 2018

Bangalore 4th September 2018 | A Right to Information query has highlighted that out of 13 non-attainment cities (cities with air pollution levels beyond permissible limit of 60 µg/m3 across…

Out of 13 Cities Across Four Southern States, Only 3 Ready With Action Plan for Air Pollution Reduction

September 2018

Hyderabad 4th September 2018 | A Right to Information query has highlighted that out of 13 non-attainment cities (cities with air pollution levels beyond permissible limit of 60 µg/m3 across…

NCAP Check for Maharashtra: None of 17 ‘Non-Attainment’ Cities Ready With An Implementable Action Plan

August 2018

Greenpeace RTI query reveals that Action Plan Prepared by seven of the non-attainment cities in Maharashtra have been returned by CPCB and ten cities have not yet submitted any Action…

Solar Pumps Can Fuel India’s Energy Needs

July 2018

Successful Installation of Solar pumps across India can help India overachieve its RE targets Gandhinagar/ New Delhi| July 31, 2018| A Greenpeace India, Gujarat Energy Research Management Institute (GERMI) and…

China released its second clean air action plan to fight air pollution, India yet to include time bound targets and enforce its National Clean Air Programme

July 2018

New Delhi 6th July 2018| While China has taken an important step forward in the battle against air pollution by releasing its second (a follow-up of the first plan in…

KUSUM scheme can help states fulfil RPO targets

June 2018

Greenpeace urges speedy implementation of the scheme New Delhi | June 19, 2018| The Union government’s decision to increase Renewable Purchase Obligations (RPO) of state distribution companies from 17% in…

National Clean Air Programme Only a Paper Tiger Without Time-bound Targets: Experts

June 2018

Health and environment scientists submit their recommendations on NCAP and seek inclusion of their suggestions. New Delhi May 17 2018 | Clean Air Collective – network of CSOs, Farmers, and Citizens…

Sterlite Violence is Unacceptable, Greenpeace India Stands in Solidarity With People and Communities

June 2018

Address concerns of citizens of Tuticorin, they have a right to clean and safe environment: Greenpeace urges authorities Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu | May 23, 2018 | Excessive use of violence by…

Defeating the Airpocalypse: New report reveals 13 solutions to air pollution that can help reduce pollution levels by 40% nationally

June 2018

New Delhi 30 May 2018|A new study by Louisiana Study University points out towards 13 measures that can reduce air pollution levels by almost 40 percent and avoid nine lakh…

Take Responsibility of your Plastic Waste: Greenpeace India urges Big Corporations

June 2018

With a staggering figure of 24,940 tonnes plastic waste produced in India per day, it’s more than urgent to rethink our use and dependency on single use plastics.

Eight Out of Ten Most Polluted Cities in the World are in India: WHO Report

May 2018

The latest WHO ranking of cities based on ambient air quality released on 2nd May lists eight out of ten Indian cities as the top most polluted cities in the…