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World Elephant Day: A Jumbo Conflict

August 2021

Elephant conservation in India is a popular and emotive issue. But when we look closer, the shrinking elephant habitat, human-elephant conflict and unscientific interventions are certainly concerning.

Plastic Kills. It’s Time To Take Some Action!

April 2021

Less than 10% of all the plastics produced since the 1950s has actually been recycled..

Greenpeace reaffirms support for Indigenous people’s rights in forest conservation

July 2019

Delhi, India, 22 July 2019 – In response to developments following India’s Supreme Court ordering the eviction of millions of tribal and other forest-dwelling people in February 2019, Greenpeace reaffirms…

A Day Of Action Against Plastics

July 2019

By 2050, we will have more plastics than fish in the oceans. This piece of information is a loud warning to the global community to start taking drastic steps towards…

Attempt to Murder Gurgaon

February 2019

Gurgaon is one of the most polluted cities in India, with only 3 days of clean air in 2018. Now a new amendment will make 20,000 acres of Aravalli forest…

Shut-up or Shut-down: The new ‘Law of the Land’

December 2018

If, to be put on trial for speaking out for equality and justice is a crime, the society needs some serious introspection. The way the voice of Greenpeace India has…

Plastic Gut Feelings!

November 2018

Our much guarded food chain has long been breached by plastics, and hence, it did not come up as a surprise when a recent study co-designed by Kim, Seung-Kyu, Professor…

Mumbaikars Struggle to Save Aarey Trees

October 2018

Mumbai. A city so great, remains great only till the citizens are happy. A thin land strip reclaimed on sea, crowded with people, offices and factories can’t run solely on…

5 People-Powered Wins in India’s Environmental History

August 2018

On India’s 72nd Independence Day, we look back at 5 milestones when people-power won major environmental battles in India’s history. Nuclear Liability Bill While India plans to increase its installed…

India Needs Independence From Environmental Pollution!

August 2018

This #IndependenceDay, let’s speak up for our rights, our environment and our country! After 71 years on independence, many Indians still believe we need freedom from air pollution, water pollution,…

For a Plastic-Free Yamuna

June 2018

Beat Plastic Pollution was the theme the world collectively celebrated this Environment Day 2018

Takes Two To Tango!

June 2018

This Environment Day, the world could finally and unanimously convince itself to go Plastic Free. The good thing is, we have somehow managed to acknowledge the elephant in the room,…

The Perils of Throw-Away Economy

January 2018

I cannot help picturing the PET bottle I ungraciously bought in 2017 which is going to pollute the planet for the next 500 years.

Sundarbans: World’s Largest Mangrove Forest At Stake

June 2017

The Sundarbans is a cluster of low lying islands in the Bay of Bengal spread across Bangladesh and the West Bengal region of India. It is the largest single block…

A Call From The Deep Blue

April 2017

Take a deep breath. Every second breath you take comes from the oceans. Oceans cover over 70 percent of the expanse on Earth and afford shelter to a multitude of…

Love for “Nanna Maraa” on Valentine’s Day

February 2017

Greenpeace India and Jhatka, along with more than a hundred residents and volunteers, turned up on Valentine’s Day for a passionate evening among the trees on Jayamahal Road in Bengaluru.

Mahan celebrates democracy and the victory of peoples’ rights. Villagers protest against Land Acquisition Bill

March 2015

Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh| March 30, 2015| The Government’s decision to stop Mahan coal block from mining, saving the forests and livelihoods of thousands was celebrated by villagers from 20 villages…

NGT declares Forest Clearance for Mahan Coal Ltd Invalid

September 2014

“…It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot…

Dirty Coal is shown the back door

September 2014

For most of the wild things on earth, the future must depend on the conscience of mankind.- Dr. Archie Carr The Supreme Court’s landmark decision to scrap 214 coal block…

Supreme Court Deems Mahan Coal Block Allocation Illegal

August 2014

The Supreme Court deemed in an order on August 25 that all coal block allocations since 1993 are ‘illegal’ on grounds of arbitrariness, legal flaws lack of transparency, fairness and…

Pledge To Save Mahan on Raksha Bandhan

August 2014

We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it…

Crackdown on Forest Rights Activists Escalates

July 2014

Do the constant bids to silence and threaten the people’s movement in Mahan ever stop? The police in Singrauli stooped to a new low. Barely two months after four forest…

Police Seize Communication Equipment in Mahan: Mahan Gram Sabha to be Held ‘Behind a Curtain’

July 2014

The latest in police excesses in Amelia village, Singrauli district- Madhya Pradesh took place today when a Greenpeace mobile phone signal booster was confiscated by local police today, along with…

Mahan Gram Sabha to be Held ‘Behind a Curtain’ as Police Seize Signal Booster, Solar Panels and Other Communication Equipment

July 2014

July 29, 2014, Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh: A Greenpeace mobile phone signal booster was confiscated by local police today, along with other communication equipment in Amelia village in Singrauli district of…

The People of Mahan Have Prevailed

July 2014

The oft-repeated quote by Mahatma Gandhi, “First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they attack you. Then you win,” is extraordinarily apt for the heartening news for…

Forged Gram Sabha Complaint: Jabalpur HC Takes Singrauli SP to Task

July 2014

The issue of the forged signatures in the Gram Sabha resolution has received a boost from the Jabalpur High Court. The HC has pulled up the Superintendent of Police of…

Stop Muzzling Voices of Dissent!

July 2014

It has been said that dissent is the highest form of patriotism. However, the arbitrary manner in which the government has attempted to muzzle voices of dissent in democracy in…

IB reports aid Essar’s attempt to discredit the local resistance to save Mahan’s forests

June 2014

The leaks of the Investigation Bureau’s (IB) reports have brought a lot of public attention to Greenpeace India and other NGOs. Albiet for the wrong reasons. The effects of these…

Van Satyagrahi Granted Bail

June 2014

After spending almost three weeks in jail, Van Satyagrahi and member of Mahan Sangharsh Samiti, Bechan Lal Shah is finally out on bail. 200 people joined him as he walked…

No tree felling in Mahan till October

May 2014

“There is some good in this world, and it’s worth fighting for.” – J.R.R. Tolkien On May 26, the Madhya Pradesh government committed to no tree felling in Mahan till…

A Call For Justice To Unresponsive Singrauli Administrators

May 2014

Supporters joined Van Satyagrahis from Mahan for a peaceful protest outside the collectors office in Waidhan, Singrauli today. Forest rights activists have been treated unfairly by Singrauli’s administration and police…

The Day The World Rose For Forests

May 2014

The call to rise for Mahan on May 18 received an unprecedented wave of support, that echoed not only in various corners of India but also around the world. Over…

Forged Signatures – The Basis of Mahan’s Clearance

May 2014

Nai Duniya, the Hindi newspaper carried story on May 8th regarding the irregularities connected to the Gram Sabha resolution regarding Essar and Hindalco’s proposed coal mine in Mahan’s forests. The…

Over Forty hours in jail, and three activists released, one still held in Singrauli

May 2014

“To get arrested and jailed for standing up, does not only show courage – but it’s the only thing that will release us from the actual confines of human suppression”…

Arrested & Beaten Up: All for Saving Forests!

May 2014

Over 150 people from 4 villages move into Mahan forests to protest against Essar You cannot buy the revolution. You cannot make the revolution. You can only be the revolution.…

MSS prevents Essar officials from demarcating trees in Mahan’s forest

May 2014

Violating the rights of the people of Mahan, Essar’s officials have been marking trees to demarcate forest areas about to get the axe. On May 5, the officials came up…

A Resurgence of Satyagraha

February 2014

Non-Violent Resistance Against Essar’s Coal Mining in Mahan Forest On Thursday, thousands of villagers from 12-14 villages in the Mahan region of Singrauli, came together for a mass public rally…

Greenpeace demands cancellation of Mahan coal block

January 2014

Greenpeace India demands cancellation of the Mahan coal block and is asking for a thorough enquiry into the matter, bringing Essar Power and the Madhya Pradesh state government under the…

Wilmar finally commits to No Deforestation

December 2013

Let us recap what happened in the last week. The world mourned the sad demise of Nelson Mandela, probably the biggest proponent of peace and human rights of our era.…

Their Voice Just Got Louder

November 2013

Each and every one of us has this innate need to be heard. And as a result, get a response. Aren’t these the only two things that make our human…

Junglistan at school

July 2013

I wanted to use my past experience and knowledge in a meaningful way and that is the main reason I joined Greenpeace as a Green Warrior volunteer. The knowledge and…

Junglistan Diaries- TEDx with Brikesh Singh

May 2013

I had been excited for days for two reasons: TEDx was being hosted in Coimbatore and Greenpeace activist, Brikesh Singh agreed to be a speaker at the event.

MSS formed in Singrauli to protect forests & rights of forest communities

March 2013

There have been changes brewing in Mahan, Singrauli in Madhya Pradesh. For the first time last month local people from five villages formed a committee of sorts to protect their…

Junglistan diaries: booster shots of inspiration

September 2012

Sisters from St Mary’s convent and Montfort convent visited the tree house. I was amazed by their energy and enthusiasm.

Junglistan Diaries: the writing’s on the wall

September 2012

If you can read your name here then you are a hero. Today I started writing names of all the people, who have signed the petition, on the tree house.

Foot spa and bamboo shoot curry in Junglistan

September 2012

How many of you have paid thousands to get this treatment done in spas? Well I have always been curious about these treatments. But I the idea finding it out…

Junglistan diaries: Padmapur forests, residence for a month

September 2012

It was only when I woke up in the morning that the feeling started sinking in. I am actually going to be spending a month in the middle of the…

Greenpeace activist to live on a tree to protect our forests

September 2012

Greenpeace activist Brikesh Singh climbed an Anjan tree in Chandrapur, Maharashtra on Saturday, 1st September. What’s so special about climbing a tree you might ask? Well, Brikesh is not coming…

Did you just ask me, “Why support Junglistan?”

August 2012

The country wants energy, government and corporates want money. Does anyone ‘need’ forests?


Elephant in the Room

October 2014

A case study on human-elephant conflict within Hasdeo-Arand and Mandraigarh coalfields in Chhattisgarh

Identifying Conservation Needs in India’s Offshore Waters

August 2012

Examining the state of knowledge of ecological and biological aspects of India’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

How Coal Mining is Trashing Tigerland

August 2012

Coal mining threatens over 1.1 million hectares of forest in 13 coalfields alone in Central India.

Countering Coal?

June 2012

A discussion paper by Kalpavriksh and Greenpeace India on Community Forest Rights and Coal Mining Regions of India

Singrauli: The Coal Curse

September 2011

A fact finding report on the impact of coal mining on the people and environment of Singrauli