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Witness 2.21

July 2021

As the second wave of Covid-19 hit India, the Circle of Solidarity sprung into action again to support vulnerable communities. Read about our efforts to build resilience against future crises.

Witness 1.21

May 2021

We’re focused on developing an equitable and sustainable society so we are better armed to fight climate change. Read about our new Detox City campaign around urban mobility and more.

Witness 4.20

January 2021

The pandemic has given us an opportunity to build back better and the Urban Mobility campaign leads the way towards a better future. Read about our new campaign and more.

Witness 3.20

October 2020

As the pandemic progressed in the 3rd quarter, we focused on rebuilding a safe future for all post-Covid. Read about our work to strengthen the Circles of Solidarity and more…

Witness 2.20

July 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic left vulnerable communities struggling to sustain their livelihoods and feed their families. Read about our efforts to support farmers and daily-wagers through this, on our work for…

Witness 1.20

May 2020

As air pollution took centre stage as a public health emergency, we undertook several initiatives to push for urgent action. Plus, more updates on our work to spread sustainable agriculture.

Witness 4.19

February 2020

We celebrated the successful transformation of Kedia and began the first step of scaling up the Living Soils campaign in 2 new states. Plus, more updates on our work against…

Witness 3.19

December 2019

We released two key reports on SO2 and NO2 emissions that highlighted the dismal state of India’s air quality. This is a climate and health emergency that requires urgent action

Witness 2.19

October 2019

Before India’s 2019 elections, we made several recommendations to the government for policy changes that will help ensure renewable energy, clean air and sustainable agriculture for all.

Witness 1.19

May 2019

KUSUM is now a reality. The central government has heard our voices and has finally released allocated funds not just for KUSUM but also for Solar Rooftops.

Witness 4.18

February 2019

Bihar Yatra which has been a success for us, as our activists along with Greenpeace India farmers collective commenced on a 10-day march covering a distance of 1500 kms.

Witness 3.18

January 2019

After a sustained effort to push the solar rooftop campaigns, Greenpeace India is now working to make KUSUM a reality.

Witness 2.18

August 2018

While the world is struggling to tackle the problem of plastic India became the global host of World Environment Day with the theme of #BeatPlasticPollution.

Witness 1.18

March 2018

One year down the line, the air quality hasn’t improved much, despite efforts like ban on firecrackers, implementation of odd-even car policy and more. Meanwhile Greenpeace came out with Airpocalypse…

Witness 3.17 Vol. 60

September 2017

GB Shaw once said, “There is no sincerer love than the love of food,” and indeed he was true. Our actions and intentions are governed by this basic instinct of…

Witness 2.17 Vol. 59

June 2017

India has an ambitious plan to generate 100 GW solar and 75 GW wind energy by 2022, in line with its national commitments to the Paris Agreement. Achieving these targets…

Witness 1.17 Vol. 58

March 2017

There has been an alarming rise of air pollutants in the atmosphere, and India is among the top countries in that list. Despite calls for action and emphasis on renewable energy -pollution levels…

Witness 4.16 Vol. 57

December 2016

Cheers to a new year and our continuing joint commitment to keep the  planet healthy and thriving. Our work to keep our food, air, water, rivers, oceans and forests safe,…

Witness 3.16 Vol. 56

September 2016

It’s been two years that the farmers in Kedia have embraced the eco-farming model and practising completely natural methods of pest control. Today, 100% of Kedia farmers have switched to…

Witness 2.16 Vol. 55

June 2016

Delhi finally got its much awaited rooftop solar policy. Greenpeace India was first to put forward a 2GW vision for Delhi, through our report Rooftop Revolution: Unleashing Delhi’s Solar Potential.…

Witness 1.16 Vol. 54

March 2016

Kakrapar Nuclear Plant suffered an accident in March which led to leakage of heavy water. Close to a million lives, that reside within the 30km radius of Kakrapar Nuclear Plant…

Witness 4.15 Vol. 53

December 2015

Greenpeace India’s young and clever bunch of volunteers never fail at creativity. The volunteers in Delhi took to the streets to introduce a new customer product – “Frest Airo -…

Witness 3.15 Vol. 52

September 2015

A year ago we launched our ToxiCity campaign, focused on Air Pollution in Delhi and now the media and decision makers are starting to get serious about dealing with the…

Witness 2.15 Vol. 51

June 2015

Did you hear? The much-talked-about celebrity couple, Suraj (Sun) and Bijili (Electricity), funally tied the knot and sealed their fate of love and commitment towards the environment, signifying the promise…