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#health #renewables #sustainable agriculture Rebuild a Safe Future #TowardsBetter

The COVID19 crisis has revealed the vulnerability of our food, economic, healthcare, and welfare systems. We have the power to…

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#Air pollution #fossil fuels #health Your Right To Clean Air

Air pollution is costing lives. Too many of us are breathing dirty, toxic air and facing its direct consequences.

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#renewables #sustainable agriculture Empower Our Farmers

From sunlight to a clean energy efficient farming for securing a sustainable energy future for India!

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#renewables Solarise Your Rooftop

The Sun is a renewable source of energy and is one of the cleanest sources.

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Shut-up or Shut-down: The new ‘Law of the Land’

December 2018

If, to be put on trial for speaking out for equality and justice is a crime, the society needs some serious introspection. The way the voice of Greenpeace India has…

NCAP must have sectoral targets & interim milestones; says Greenpeace India

December 2018

NCAP announcement will be a big achievement since not a single monitored location in the country complies with safe limits prescribed by WHO for air pollution and more than 80%…

Analysis on Khurja supercritical thermal power plant proves solar will be a better investment

December 2018

New Delhi| December 13, 2018 | New coal power plants in regions such as Uttar Pradesh, in close proximity to heavily polluted Delhi-NCR are financially risky, unnecessary and pose a…

With air pollution becoming a health emergency, shouldn’t India transition faster from coal to renewables?

December 2018

According to WHO report released this year, air pollution is one of the leading threats to child health, accounting for almost 1 in 10 deaths in children under five years…

You cannot muzzle dissent in a democracy

December 2018

10th December 2018 marked 70 years since United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights which includes the right to freedom of speech, stating that “Everyone has the right to freedom…

Video: Winter is Coming, and so is SMOG!

November 2018

Deadly smog hits North India!

Breaking Renewable Energy myths

November 2018

There are two sides to every story; of a protagonist and an antagonist. In the real world, differentiating between the two is rather difficult. More often than not, market realities,…

Stubble Burning and Neo-liberal absurdity

October 2018

Mandeep, 23, completed his graduation in political science from Punjab University in 2015 before he became regular assistant to his farmer father. His father Murari Choudhary owns 10 acre of…

The other side of stubble burning

October 2018

I love food and I love cooking for others. Moments when I am appreciated for my dishes are the most beautiful and satisfying for me. My wife always says “people…

Digital Art in the Times of Digital Activism

October 2018

Activism has long been a beloved muse of art; Art, an activist’s historical means to express their fears of a dystopia or their vision of the dream. Artist-activists (Artivists) have…

How Net Metered Solar Pumps will bring Farmer Shakti

October 2018

In simple words, net metering means being able to send back electricity to the electricity boards that the consumer isn’t using. When solar pumps are net metered, they keep a…

5 Steps Towards Deconstructing ‘Decentralised Renewable Energy’

October 2018

decentralise diːˈsɛntrəlʌɪz/ verb past tense: decentralised; past participle: decentralised to disperse (something) from an area of concentration renewable rɪˈnjuːəbəl/noun: renewable; plural noun: renewables a natural resource or source of energy that…

How Solar Water Pumps Can Revolutionise India’s Farm Sector

October 2018

For a long time, solar water pumps were considered to be standalone systems  to be deployed in places where the grid has not reached. Solar water pumps were seen as…

India’s Most Polluted City, Kanpur, Not Ready With Clean Air Action Plan

August 2018

Only 4 Out of 15 Uttar Pradesh Non-attainment cities prepared with Action Plan to tackle Air Pollution- Greenpeace RTI query reveals. Lucknow 28th August 2018 | A Right to Information…

A Tale of ToxiCity From Maharashtra

August 2018

‘Mumbai is not so polluted, Delhi madhe pollution khoop hai’, says my friend from back home. Maharashtra is where I was born and grew up. Nashik – Jalgaon – Thane…

5 People-Powered Wins in India’s Environmental History

August 2018

On India’s 72nd Independence Day, we look back at 5 milestones when people-power won major environmental battles in India’s history. Nuclear Liability Bill While India plans to increase its installed…

India Needs Independence From Environmental Pollution!

August 2018

This #IndependenceDay, let’s speak up for our rights, our environment and our country! After 71 years on independence, many Indians still believe we need freedom from air pollution, water pollution,…

Solar Pumps, Shine On!

August 2018

It is not often that representatives from leading think-tanks, farmer groups, policy advocacy & research groups; and solar pumps and microgrid businesses gather under one roof. But last week, they…

Our Date With The Planet

July 2018

The Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when we (all of humanity) have used more from nature than our planet can renew in an entire year. Assessments suggest, we are…

Power Is When Determined People Come Together

April 2018

Here are a few folks who belong to various backgrounds and walks of life but stand united in their core by activism.     

MoEFCC – Stop missing deadlines

April 2018

How many missed deadlines does it take to breathe clean air in India? One One too many Just give me clean air already! Who loves to procrastinate? Ministry of Environment…

The Women Powering ‘People Power’

March 2018

The protests stressed upon the immediate need for curbing the issue of air pollution in a comprehensive, systematic and time bound manner, by incorporating strict measures towards checking the contribution…

Delhi Budget-Ambitious but needs proper implementation to go beyond rhetoric; says Greenpeace India

March 2018

Focused Uptake of Renewable Energy to mitigate Air Pollution for Delhi Sunil Dahiya, Senior Campaigner, Greenpeace India “The budget looks like a mixed bag ;  It shows promises to strengthen…

Why We Need Clean Energy To Have Clean Air

February 2018

The present-day system of producing and consuming energy is problematic. As our populations continue to rise, the demand for energy-intensive lifestyles is also increasing. Since we need energy for a…

The Indian Airpocalypse

February 2018

How many times must civil society organisations, residents and children, pay a visit to the Environment Ministry of India until something is actually “done” about the air pollution crisis? As…

The MoEFCC Has Spoken: A National Clean Air Programme for India

December 2017

Amid all the bad news on air quality, there is a ray of hope. After two years of incessant public demand for a comprehensive national action plan to tackle air…

The MoEFCC Has Spoken: A National Clean Air Programme for India

December 2017

Amid all the bad news on air quality, there is a ray of hope. After two years of incessant public demand for a comprehensive national action plan to tackle air…

MoEFCC: For People Or For Thermal Power Plants

December 2017

Is this too much to ask for? Has the health of our children become so unimportant that we have been ignoring their pleas for a bit of clean air to…

As India struggles to breathe, over 300 coal power plants are violating air pollution laws and MoEFCC does nothing.

December 2017

As of December 7, more than 300 coal power plants across the country are still violating the emission standard norms that were given by the MoEFCC back in 2015. These…

With Less Than 24 Hours to Go, Citizen Activists Say “Enough Is Enough”

December 2017

Two years ago, coal power plants were given new emission norms to follow. The deadline has come. Tomorrow, on the 7th of December 2017, all power plants must have complied…

Make Your Own Black Gold

September 2017

Do you yearn for the fragrance of the forest or miss petrichor wafting through your window after the first rains? Well, here’s how you can make your own heaven. This…

It’s Deadly, and It’s Blowing In the Wind

September 2017

It takes more than just having breakfast to keep you healthy. If you didn’t live in a countryside far away from the industries, then know this: The air you’re breathing is…

Going Solar – A Great Investment Plan

June 2017

India is emerging as a world leader in solar. As the third largest solar market globally1, a market that is growing by 90%, making the potential of solar in our…

Sun – The Ultimate Source Of Our Energy

June 2017

‘Connecting People to Nature’, is the theme for World Environment Day 2017.

A Call From The Deep Blue

April 2017

Take a deep breath. Every second breath you take comes from the oceans. Oceans cover over 70 percent of the expanse on Earth and afford shelter to a multitude of…

India’s Efforts to Tackle Air Pollution – Mere Tokenism

March 2017

Thermal power plants are one of the major causes of air pollution in the country, especially in the Indo Gangetic Plain region (IGP). In December 2015, the Indian Government came…

India’s Efforts to Tackle Air Pollution – Mere Tokenism

March 2017

According to the rules, all power plants are required to install emission control equipments by the end of 2017. Reports indicate that, most power plants are yet to take the…

Smothered in Smog

February 2017

Air pollution has become the biggest environmental concern globally.  It has rapidly taken over the space once occupied by issues of poor sanitation and lack of clean drinking water.

People Power Wins

January 2017

A new year has begun. And many promises have been made. Only time will tell if they will be kept or broken. But our health, our forests, and our oceans,…

Join Greenpeace India for a Clean Air Nation

November 2016

“Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached.” If Swami Vivekananda was still around, he might have repeated those famous words to get us to deal with air…

SolarVerse: the prose of solar power

January 2016

Solar energy represents a vital opportunity to power India cleanly and efficiently. So, along with acclaimed young poet Shikha Malaviya, and in association with Delhi Poetry Slam, we decided to…

Dharnai: story of one solar village

July 2015

It’s been precisely one year now, since 2000 citizens of Dharnai, a small village near Bodhgaya in the eastern Indian state of Bihar achieved access to electricity for the first…

Delhi Health Minister commits to cleaning up Delhi’s air pollution

March 2015

Delhi has been in under global watch for alarming air pollution levels Greenpeace recently launched a campaign calling on Delhi Governement to take action on the capital’s toxic air pollution.…

Are the green spaces in Delhi free from air pollution?

January 2015

Are the green spaces in Delhi free from air pollution?

Sustaining with solar

November 2014

zoom 03 November 2014 Greenpeace Bangalore office solar-ed rooftop  

NGT declares Forest Clearance for Mahan Coal Ltd Invalid

September 2014

“…It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot…

Dirty Coal is shown the back door

September 2014

For most of the wild things on earth, the future must depend on the conscience of mankind.- Dr. Archie Carr The Supreme Court’s landmark decision to scrap 214 coal block…

Climate summit comment: From Bihar, India, could distributed solar succeed where coal has failed?

September 2014

India is a country where the centralised grid system for electricity has dominated the last 60 years and, largely, failed. In the cities blackouts are frequent, in the rural areas…

End to the solar eclipse in Delhi?

September 2014

15 May 2013 Delhi RE action outside Delhi energy minister Haroon Yusuf residence. © Greenpeace India   So Delhi’s solar eclipse is finally receding. After two years of dilly-dallying and…


New Data Reveals: Twice as many cities violating air quality norms as recognised in National Clean Air Programme

August 2019

Airpocalypse-III-ReportA new report by Greenpeace India has identified 139 cities where air pollution levels exceed national standards but were not included in the National Clean Air Programme (NCAP) that was…

Boom and Bust 2019 – Tracking The Global Coal Plant Pipeline

July 2019

For the third year in a row, most leading indicators of coal power capacity growth declined in 2018, including construction starts, pre-construction activity, and plant completions, according to the Global…

Solarisation of Agriculture

July 2019

Greenpeace India’s Solarisation of Agriculture report, examines five models of solar irrigation pumps in the states of Bihar, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and Odisha, looking at state policies and cost/revenue…

From Rooftops to Farmtops

July 2018

To achieve its 2022 renewable energy targets, the government needs to look for creative ways of implementing decentralised renewable energy schemes. Successful installation of solar pumps across India can help…

ROOFTOP REVOLUTION: Unleashing Hyderabad’s Solar Potential

April 2018

Hyderabad, by virtue of being a Tier 1 city, is representative of most locations in India from where most demand for RTPV solar is likely to arise.

ROOFTOP REVOLUTION: Unleashing Chennai’s Solar Potential

April 2018

This report is a Chennai specific summary of the larger report titled, “Assessing the Rooftop Solar PV Potential of Hyderabad and Chennai“.

ROOFTOP REVOLUTION: Unleashing Chennai’s and Hyderabad’s Solar Potential

April 2018

Greenpeace India is launching a multi-city programme to spread awareness among residents and small business owners of the advantages of going solar.

Airpocalypse II – Assessment of air pollution in Indian cities

January 2018

A Greenpeace India report analyses PM10 annual average recorded for 280 cities.

Boom and Bust 2017 – Tracking the global coal plant pipeline

March 2017

A Greenpeace report explaining how construction is currently frozen in over 100 locations in China and India.

Airpocalypse – Assessment of Air Pollution in Indian Cities

January 2017

This report shows that deadly air pollution is not a problem restricted to Delhi-NCR (National Capital Region) or even to India’s metros.

Coal and dirty development in China & India leads to 1.6 million extra air pollution deaths a year

December 2016

Millions around the world are dying from polluted air, but as countries get richer they usually clean up their air.

Out Of Sight – How coal burning advances India’s Air Pollution Crisis

May 2016

This study emphasises on the urgent need to comply with the thermal power plant emission standards announced in December 2015.

Elephant in the Room

October 2014

A case study on human-elephant conflict within Hasdeo-Arand and Mandraigarh coalfields in Chhattisgarh

How Coal Mining is Trashing Tigerland

August 2012

Coal mining threatens over 1.1 million hectares of forest in 13 coalfields alone in Central India.

Countering Coal?

June 2012

A discussion paper by Kalpavriksh and Greenpeace India on Community Forest Rights and Coal Mining Regions of India

Singrauli: The Coal Curse

September 2011

A fact finding report on the impact of coal mining on the people and environment of Singrauli