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#health #renewables #sustainable agriculture Rebuild a Safe Future #TowardsBetter

The COVID19 crisis has revealed the vulnerability of our food, economic, healthcare, and welfare systems. We have the power to…

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#renewables #sustainable agriculture Empower Our Farmers

From sunlight to a clean energy efficient farming for securing a sustainable energy future for India!

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#renewables Solarise Your Rooftop

The Sun is a renewable source of energy and is one of the cleanest sources.

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Solarisation of Agriculture

July 2019

Greenpeace India’s Solarisation of Agriculture report, examines five models of solar irrigation pumps in the states of Bihar, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and Odisha, looking at state policies and cost/revenue…

From Rooftops to Farmtops

July 2018

To achieve its 2022 renewable energy targets, the government needs to look for creative ways of implementing decentralised renewable energy schemes. Successful installation of solar pumps across India can help…

ROOFTOP REVOLUTION: Unleashing Hyderabad's Solar Potential

April 2018

Hyderabad, by virtue of being a Tier 1 city, is representative of most locations in India from where most demand for RTPV solar is likely to arise.

ROOFTOP REVOLUTION: Unleashing Chennai's Solar Potential

April 2018

This report is a Chennai specific summary of the larger report titled, “Assessing the Rooftop Solar PV Potential of Hyderabad and Chennai“.

ROOFTOP REVOLUTION: Unleashing Chennai's and Hyderabad’s Solar Potential

April 2018

Greenpeace India is launching a multi-city programme to spread awareness among residents and small business owners of the advantages of going solar.