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#health #renewables #sustainable agriculture Rebuild a Safe Future #TowardsBetter

The COVID19 crisis has revealed the vulnerability of our food, economic, healthcare, and welfare systems. We have the power to…

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#Air pollution #fossil fuels #health Your Right To Clean Air

Air pollution is costing lives. Too many of us are breathing dirty, toxic air and facing its direct consequences.

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#renewables #sustainable agriculture Empower Our Farmers

From sunlight to a clean energy efficient farming for securing a sustainable energy future for India!

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September 2021

Climate resilient farming and locally grown nutritious food are the proven and efficient measures in the face of climate collapse the world faces today

Behind the Smokescreen: Regeneration should be a norm and not an incident

August 2021

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2), one of the most harmful pollutants in our air, is increasing tremendously and posing risks to biodiversity.


May 2021

One of our first responsive works in this crisis, Circles of Solidarity 2.0, is focussed on low-income families, lactating mothers and Covid-19 positive patients.

“Let’s protect the food system from climate change”, sustainable farmers from Jamui urge Bihar Government

February 2021

“I am delighted to be part of the pre-budget consultation meeting organised by the Government of Bihar. We are here to represent the organic farmers of Bihar. The fact that…

A Movement That Can’t Be Sunk

November 2020

Greenpeace India joined hands with the communities near Odisha’s Kaliakan River Block to send out a positive message. With a  floating banner that read “Towards Better”, they demanded better policies…

Why India’s E-waste Should Worry Us

October 2020

October 14th is International E-waste Day. In the last five years the world has witnessed a staggering 21% rise in e-waste generation. India is the third largest producer of e-waste…

Locating youth in India – understanding them, their dreams, aspirations and possibilities

September 2020

Speakers stresses that pandemic must be a reminder for the society and policymakers to design policies and adopt sustainable lifestyles that together moves us towards better

#BiharEarthDay: Ecological farmers express their gratitude towards the mother earth

August 2020

Ecological farmers tie rakhis to trees, cattle, wells, and other natural elements to acknowledge their importance in sustainable agriculture

Greenpeace India demands for safe and resilient food systems

July 2020

Greenpeace India welcomes the draft order issued by the Ministry of Agriculture intended to ban 27 pesticides

Circles of Solidarity: Farmers from Kodai, Ooty and Dindigul feed distressed communities in Chennai

May 2020

(Greenpeace India in collaboration with other organisations created circles of solidarity to help communities in need)

Circles of Solaridary: A community kitchen in Delhi feeds 5K migrants and homeless people

May 2020

Community kitchen by Samadhan Abhiyan supported by Greenpeace India is providing nutritious food to community in Delhi

Farmers fighting Covid-19

May 2020

Communities are uniting and responding to Covid-19 crisis

Circles of Solidarity: Small and Sustainable Farmers to feed daily wage earners and homeless

May 2020

Support our initiative to enable farmers to provide safe and nutritious farm produce to distressed communities

Circles of Solidarity: Farming communities of Kedia and Tari Dabil step up to feed migrants and daily wage workers

April 2020

Greenpeace India takes this opportunity to thank the farming communities, who despite facing the brunt of lockdown, have ensured safe and nutritious food for the communities

Flash-mob to create awareness about air pollution

February 2020

Greenpeace India organised flash mob at Delhi Haat and Select City Walk, Saket

Go organic, to improve Indian Economy

December 2019

Consultation on sustainable agro-economy and improving soil health was co-organised by Greenpeace India, Mahila Shramjeebee Mancha, Odisha, and Odisha Shramjeebee Mancha on Tuesday. The discussion aimed to sensitise stakeholders especially…

From Failing to Flourishing: The Transformation of Kedia

October 2019

One may often think that what happens in rural India, has very little impact on those living in urban metropolises. However, the crisis of safe and nutritious food affects everyone…

Divide and conquer: waste segregation is the key

August 2019

In an era of rapid urbanization and population growth, solid waste management is a critical piece for sustainable, healthy, inclusive for communities living in cities.

Hold the culprits accountable, not the victims

June 2019

Since production and marketing of GM food crop seeds are illegal in our country, we expect that the MoEFCC and Ministry of Agriculture will take all required steps to ensure…

Recommendations to the Manifesto Committees of Political Parties contesting in Lok Sabha General Elections, 2019

April 2019

 Strong leadership to solve India’s growing environmental crisis NOTE on Energy, Agriculture & Environment: 
  “Climate change has happened because of human behaviour, therefore it’s only natural it should be…

Attempt to Murder Gurgaon

February 2019

Gurgaon is one of the most polluted cities in India, with only 3 days of clean air in 2018. Now a new amendment will make 20,000 acres of Aravalli forest…

NCAP must have sectoral targets & interim milestones; says Greenpeace India

December 2018

NCAP announcement will be a big achievement since not a single monitored location in the country complies with safe limits prescribed by WHO for air pollution and more than 80%…

You cannot muzzle dissent in a democracy

December 2018

10th December 2018 marked 70 years since United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights which includes the right to freedom of speech, stating that “Everyone has the right to freedom…

Bihar Living Soils Yatra – notes from the ground

December 2018

Day 1: Nov 20, 2018 We started the Living Soils Yatra from Patna at 8.30 AM and reached Sakraul village, Nalanda where Bihar agriculture department had organised Kisan Chaupal (community…

Profiting From Poo

November 2018

November 19th has been declared as the ‘World Toilet Day’, to raise awareness and inspire action to tackle the global sanitation crisis. Farmers of Bihar’s Living Soils Model village, Kedia…

Video: Winter is Coming, and so is SMOG!

November 2018

Deadly smog hits North India!

Plastic Gut Feelings!

November 2018

Our much guarded food chain has long been breached by plastics, and hence, it did not come up as a surprise when a recent study co-designed by Kim, Seung-Kyu, Professor…

Stubble Burning and Neo-liberal absurdity

October 2018

Mandeep, 23, completed his graduation in political science from Punjab University in 2015 before he became regular assistant to his farmer father. His father Murari Choudhary owns 10 acre of…

The other side of stubble burning

October 2018

I love food and I love cooking for others. Moments when I am appreciated for my dishes are the most beautiful and satisfying for me. My wife always says “people…

Recognizing the Labour On National Women Farmer’s Day

October 2018

As India officially observes its second “Women Farmer’s Day”, it’s an opportune time to ask if the bureaucratic structure has developed an understanding on feminization of agriculture? For the last…

Mumbaikars Struggle to Save Aarey Trees

October 2018

Mumbai. A city so great, remains great only till the citizens are happy. A thin land strip reclaimed on sea, crowded with people, offices and factories can’t run solely on…

India’s Most Polluted City, Kanpur, Not Ready With Clean Air Action Plan

August 2018

Only 4 Out of 15 Uttar Pradesh Non-attainment cities prepared with Action Plan to tackle Air Pollution- Greenpeace RTI query reveals. Lucknow 28th August 2018 | A Right to Information…

A Tale of ToxiCity From Maharashtra

August 2018

‘Mumbai is not so polluted, Delhi madhe pollution khoop hai’, says my friend from back home. Maharashtra is where I was born and grew up. Nashik – Jalgaon – Thane…

5 People-Powered Wins in India’s Environmental History

August 2018

On India’s 72nd Independence Day, we look back at 5 milestones when people-power won major environmental battles in India’s history. Nuclear Liability Bill While India plans to increase its installed…

India Needs Independence From Environmental Pollution!

August 2018

This #IndependenceDay, let’s speak up for our rights, our environment and our country! After 71 years on independence, many Indians still believe we need freedom from air pollution, water pollution,…

Citizens unite to #StopGMFood in Delhi.

August 2018

As per a recently released research report by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), 32% of the 65 food products (80% of which were imported) tested were found to have…

Power Is When Determined People Come Together

April 2018

Here are a few folks who belong to various backgrounds and walks of life but stand united in their core by activism.     

MoEFCC – Stop missing deadlines

April 2018

How many missed deadlines does it take to breathe clean air in India? One One too many Just give me clean air already! Who loves to procrastinate? Ministry of Environment…

The Women Powering ‘People Power’

March 2018

The protests stressed upon the immediate need for curbing the issue of air pollution in a comprehensive, systematic and time bound manner, by incorporating strict measures towards checking the contribution…

Lucknow Unites to Fight Back Air Pollution in the City and the State

February 2018

A report released by Greenpeace India earlier this week, on Monday, points to the scary and abnormally high levels of air pollution in UP. Lucknow | 3 February 2018: Environment protection…

Three Years of Ecological Agriculture Has Changed Kedia Forever

January 2018

As I write about a small village called Kedia in the Jamui district of Bihar, and some of its very significant achievements, I cannot tell you how thrilled I am…

The MoEFCC Has Spoken: A National Clean Air Programme for India

December 2017

Amid all the bad news on air quality, there is a ray of hope. After two years of incessant public demand for a comprehensive national action plan to tackle air…

MoEFCC: For People Or For Thermal Power Plants

December 2017

Is this too much to ask for? Has the health of our children become so unimportant that we have been ignoring their pleas for a bit of clean air to…

With Less Than 24 Hours to Go, Citizen Activists Say “Enough Is Enough”

December 2017

Two years ago, coal power plants were given new emission norms to follow. The deadline has come. Tomorrow, on the 7th of December 2017, all power plants must have complied…

Make Your Own Black Gold

September 2017

Do you yearn for the fragrance of the forest or miss petrichor wafting through your window after the first rains? Well, here’s how you can make your own heaven. This…

It’s Deadly, and It’s Blowing In the Wind

September 2017

It takes more than just having breakfast to keep you healthy. If you didn’t live in a countryside far away from the industries, then know this: The air you’re breathing is…

8 problems with the GM Mustard commercialisation shown in GIF

May 2017

1. India signed the Cartagena Protocol* aiming to protect biodiversity and provide biosafety in 2003, but now, is keen to give the go ahead to GM Mustard (straight road to…

Up In the Air: Cyclists See A New Future in Delhi

April 2017

There are many kinds of cyclists. But when it comes to cycling, we share an unspoken bond –  income, colour and origin don’t matter.

India’s Efforts to Tackle Air Pollution – Mere Tokenism

March 2017

According to the rules, all power plants are required to install emission control equipments by the end of 2017. Reports indicate that, most power plants are yet to take the…

Breathing car exhaust is my daily dose of nutrition!

February 2017

Nobody is going to tell you this, unless by nutrition they mean deprivation. But there is nourishment in store in what I’m going to share with you today.


Airpocalypse IV: National Air Monitoring Programme (NAMP) & ASSESSMENT OF AIR POLLUTION IN INDIAN CITIES

January 2020

This Airpocalypse report is the fourth version in the series of Airpocalypse reports published annually by Greenpeace India since January 2017. The current version of the report “Airpocalypse-IV” analyses and…

Is Delhi’s air quality improving?

November 2019

Recently there have been multiple discussions about air quality improvements in Delhi and some reports also mentioned that Delhi has shown a 25% decrease in air pollution levels between 2016-2018…

New Data Reveals: Twice as many cities violating air quality norms as recognised in National Clean Air Programme

August 2019

Airpocalypse-III-ReportA new report by Greenpeace India has identified 139 cities where air pollution levels exceed national standards but were not included in the National Clean Air Programme (NCAP) that was…

Solarisation of Agriculture

July 2019

Greenpeace India’s Solarisation of Agriculture report, examines five models of solar irrigation pumps in the states of Bihar, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and Odisha, looking at state policies and cost/revenue…

Airpocalypse II – Assessment of air pollution in Indian cities

January 2018

A Greenpeace India report analyses PM10 annual average recorded for 280 cities.

Airpocalypse – Assessment of Air Pollution in Indian Cities

January 2017

This report shows that deadly air pollution is not a problem restricted to Delhi-NCR (National Capital Region) or even to India’s metros.

GENETICALLY MODIFIED mustard is not needed

December 2016

The proposal to allow cultivation of the genetically modified (GM) oilseed mustard DMH-11 doesn’t take into account recent advances with either conventional breeding production of hybrid varieties.

Coal and dirty development in China & India leads to 1.6 million extra air pollution deaths a year

December 2016

Millions around the world are dying from polluted air, but as countries get richer they usually clean up their air.

Bihar Living Soils Project

August 2016

Barhat Block of Jamui District provides the perfect example of positive effects of a focus on Living Soils, and Greenpeace India is showcasing their success.

Ecological Farming: The seven principles of a food system that has people at its heart

May 2015

Greenpeace’s Food and Farming Vision describes what Ecological Farming means, and how it can be summarised in seven overarching, interdependent principles

BRAI bill: A threat to our food and farming

February 2012

The Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India (BRAI) bill, 2011, has been proposed by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. If cleared, this bill will ease the entry…

Effects on health and environment of transgenic (or GM) Bt brinjal

April 2009

A report by Professor Gilles-Eric Seralini, University of Caen France, shows the danger genetically modified Bt brinjal poses to the environment and our health.