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Air pollution is costing lives. Too many of us are breathing dirty, toxic air and facing its direct consequences.

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New Data Reveals: Twice as many cities violating air quality norms as recognised in National Clean Air Programme

August 2019

Airpocalypse-III-ReportA new report by Greenpeace India has identified 139 cities where air pollution levels exceed national standards but were not included in the National Clean Air Programme (NCAP) that was…

Boom and Bust 2019 - Tracking The Global Coal Plant Pipeline

July 2019

For the third year in a row, most leading indicators of coal power capacity growth declined in 2018, including construction starts, pre-construction activity, and plant completions, according to the Global…

From Rooftops to Farmtops

July 2018

To achieve its 2022 renewable energy targets, the government needs to look for creative ways of implementing decentralised renewable energy schemes. Successful installation of solar pumps across India can help…

Airpocalypse II - Assessment of air pollution in Indian cities

January 2018

A Greenpeace India report analyses PM10 annual average recorded for 280 cities.

Boom and Bust 2017 - Tracking the global coal plant pipeline

March 2017

A Greenpeace report explaining how construction is currently frozen in over 100 locations in China and India.

Airpocalypse - Assessment of Air Pollution in Indian Cities

January 2017

This report shows that deadly air pollution is not a problem restricted to Delhi-NCR (National Capital Region) or even to India’s metros.

Coal and dirty development in China & India leads to 1.6 million extra air pollution deaths a year

December 2016

Millions around the world are dying from polluted air, but as countries get richer they usually clean up their air.

Out Of Sight - How coal burning advances India’s Air Pollution Crisis

May 2016

This study emphasises on the urgent need to comply with the thermal power plant emission standards announced in December 2015.

Elephant in the Room

October 2014

A case study on human-elephant conflict within Hasdeo-Arand and Mandraigarh coalfields in Chhattisgarh

How Coal Mining is Trashing Tigerland

August 2012

Coal mining threatens over 1.1 million hectares of forest in 13 coalfields alone in Central India.

Countering Coal?

June 2012

A discussion paper by Kalpavriksh and Greenpeace India on Community Forest Rights and Coal Mining Regions of India

Singrauli: The Coal Curse

September 2011

A fact finding report on the impact of coal mining on the people and environment of Singrauli